Team Compromise

Happy Birthday Matt! After Monday’s rant from the boys, I felt it was only fitting to set the record straight and let you all in on the real behind-the-scenes strategies we use to decorate our space in a way that makes us both happy. Ladies, if you’re currently sharing a space with a man, listen up… this one’s for you too!
 When it comes to decorating styles, Matt and I are complete opposites.
When I say complete, I mean absolutely, 100%, not even close, don’t even try, wow-you-like-that-thing-for-our-house? kind of opposites. I’m sure (well really, I hope) we’re not the only couple out there that doesn’t always see eye-to-eye when it comes to decorating decisions. Ask us about our values, families, professional practices, religion, or even the keys to a successful relationship, and we are right on target, smack dab on the same team. Ask us about the important stuff like decorating, accessorizing, paint colors, or just plain house “stuff” and we’re not on the same team, not in the same ball park, not even in the same league…actually, sometimes I wonder if we’re even playing the same sport? These “creative differences” didn’t really come to the surface until we started talking houses and then out of nowhere… BOOM!!! These differences snuck up and hit us like a ton of bricks.   
Compromising Styles
He loves bassets, grizzly bears, and hints of the outdoors.
He loves brown.
He loves leather.
He loves furniture that came from Abe Lincoln’s Log Cabin.
He loves simple and dark.
He loves functional, lived in, very traditional.
Although it took me a little more time than I’d care to admit, I can now honestly say that his style is not wrong by any means, it’s just different… very, very, very different than mine.

His and Her Styles
I love coral, stripes and nautical with hints of preppy-ness.
I love white.
I love cotton.
I love furniture that came from the display case at Pottery Barn or West Elm.
I love bicycles, bows and bright colors.
I love vintage, unique and fashionable.
Soo… while he loves brown and dark, I love white and bright.
While he loves common, I love unique.
While he loves plain, I love stripes & polka dots wrapped in a bow.
Can you see the problem here? Matt is Team Dark, Brown, Traditional while Bridget is Team Bright, White, Unique.

After endless conversations and some insensitive sarcasm sprinkled throughout aisles and aisles of shopping, Matt and I had no other choice but to join the same team. As much as I wish I could have recruited Matt onto Team Bright White with splashes of vintage, I had to settle for a fair trade. We both traded our original jerseys and joined Team Compromise. This team was all about finding new items, new colors, new furniture that mixed both of our styles into a new sense of style that we could call “ours”. I ditched the bright, polka dotted bows, he ditched the dark, plaid, grizzly bears, and we adopted a style that was filled with hints of each of our personalities blended up into a big neutral.

Decorating with your man
Now instead of “he likes this but I love that”, it’s WE love this and WE love that.
We love lanterns, lighthouses, and the number 13.
We love neutral colors (a literal mixture of his brown & my white)
We love furniture that reminds us of the late nights we spent searching every store in the south-west suburbs of Chicago.
We love accessories and art that tell a story about our adventures.
We love simple, inviting and cozy.
We love that there are some hints of Matt and some other hints of Bridget that make the other laugh and then groan but accept nonetheless.
We love our style because it tells our story, and we built it together.

Compromise. Compromising can be scary and is especially frightening when it deals with decorating a house together. I am here to tell you there is hope, and with a little laughter and a lot of love… you can do it! If you and your teammate are willing to be a little flexible, I am confident that you can also meet in the middle and decorate a home that you both are proud to call home.

Happy Birthday to my favorite teammate!

Do you and your roomie always agree on decorating styles? How do you make it work and still reach your big league decorating dreams?