A Recipe for the Perfect Mint Mojito

When we started the blog back in March, we really didn’t ever think about page views and site statistics. We were just so thrilled to finally have a fun outlet for our creativity and projects.  Blog stats were just not on our minds! We figured we would at least have a couple readers (hi mom!)..but never really thought we could reach so many of you guys out there!

If you follow us on Instagram (@diyplaybook) you may have noticed our little celebration over the weekend. We hit 100,000 pageviews! Now we know that there are some Hall of Fame blogs out there that average way more hits than that, but for us it was a big milestone!

Cheers to our Fans Mojito

So we wanted to say CHEERS and THANKS to you guys…our #1 fans.  We’ve received so much support and love from friends & family, and even from new friends we’ve made because of DIY Playbook.

Now, we’re two gals that believe in celebrating all the accomplishments in life…big or small.  So this calls for a little celebration, and every par-tay calls for a cocktail!

Minty Mojito Recipe Mojitos

Here’s a recipe for one of our favorite Summer drinks…a refreshing, minty mojito!

Mojito Ingredients

Minty Mojitos
Level: Easy
Time: 5 minutes
Servings: 1 serving

Lime and mint
-fresh mint leaves
-1/2 lime (cut into small wedges)
-1 cup ice
-1.5 ounces white rum
-1/2 cup club soda
-2 T. simple syrup
Mojito mint drink in mason jar

Mash the mint and lime in a glass. Add the simple syrup and fill the glass with ice. Add the rum and top with club soda. Shake well. Garnish with lime and more mint.

Mojito in mason jar
Mint Mojito Recipe Drink Cheers
We hope you guys enjoy these fabulous mojitos and remember to celebrate your accomplishments (big & small) every single day.
Mint Mojito Recipe Drink Cheers