I Heart Grandma’s Kitchen

Like moms, grandmas wear all kinds of hats.Beyond playing mom and grandma, these caring women are responsible for also being: wives, sisters, aunts, nurses, social workers, life coaches, bankers, neighbors, friends, professional organizers, caretakers, cleaners, baby-sitters, personal shoppers, landscapers, gardeners, and if your grandma is anything like mine…. master chefs.

DIY Grandma's Recipe

Of course both of my grandmas play each of these roles and many, many more, but it’s something about their talents in the kitchen that are beyond impressive. Each of these women have a way in the kitchen that leaves me worried that I will never, ever, ever be able to re-create the masterpieces that these ladies create so effortlessly.

These recipes are not only delicious, but they remind me of 2 wonderful ladies that have helped shape me into the person I am today! So… creating a DIY project to honor these woman was a no-brainer.

Favorite Recipe DIY

I started with two of my all-time favorite recipes, one from each grandma’s recipe box.

Frame a recipe
With two Target frames, tape, scissors and some scrapbook paper, this meaningful project (and priceless gift) took me about ten minutes to complete! Seriously, like ten minutes.
Because one of the recipes was too small for the 4×6 opening, I added some scrapbook paper as a backing. The mat will hide the edges of the scrapbook paper, so I didn’t even have to cut precisely! #livingontheedge
I taped one of the vintage recipe dividers from my Grandma’s old recipe box behind the recipe itself and…
Recipe Decor

I was done!

Frame a recipe

I love that I have a piece of each of my grandmas in my own kitchen. Having their speciality in a place that reminds me so much of each of them seems so fitting and perfect. The meaning behind this project makes this DIY project one of my favorites so far and it is the perfect way to celebrate these amazing women! #happygrandmothersday

Gift for Grandma
Maybe one day I’ll try and re-create each of their staples. Until then, I can’t help but smile and think how special these talented women are, how lucky I am to have them as my grandmas, and how thankful I am to have a piece of them in my new home.