Ideas for Master Bedroom Makeover

The master bedroom. 

To me it should be a place to relax after a long day. A place to put your feet up and kick back. A calm, tranquil spot that is your own space away from the rest of the world.

Well…I‘m not sure if our master bedroom has hit everything on that checklist.

Okay, it isn’t terrible. But, it just doesn’t scream “Mike & Casey”. It doesn’t give me the relaxing, calm feeling I’m trying to attain.

Instead it is a little dark and a little too green.

We purchased the flowery green/white/black comforter long before I really cared for home decor. I figured the colors were masculine enough to make the man of the house happy. The comforter is comfy, but I’ve never really looooved it.

The entire room has been fine. Just fine, for all of these years. 

But, I want our room to be better than fine. That’s why we are slowly but surely changing up our master bedroom.

The canvas quote that I showed you guys on Tuesday is one of the first pieces of the room puzzle that I have figured out. I’m really loving that little nook in our room with the muted tones of green, white, and gray.

But I’m clueless when it comes to the rest of the room. So I decided to put a mood board together to get the ideas flowing for this mini-makeover.  

Ideas for New Master Bedroom 
Ideas for New Master Bedroom (Click for item sources)

If I could start on this entire room from scratch, I’m not sure if I would go with the green, black, white, gray color combo. But, we’re working on limited funds here people. So I’m going to try and keep the color scheme similar, just more subdued.

1. Like I said, I’m going to keep many of the core elements of the room the same. So that means the current black night stands, white table lamp, and greenery will all still be a part of the room. Maybe I’ll spruce them up a bit though??

2. I’m obsessed with this headboard and bed frame. It hits everything on my checklist. Upholstered (Check!), Nailhead Trim (Check!) Buttons (Check!)  Wingback (Check!) I could attempt to DIY a similar version...but I don’t think I could attain the same high-end look that this bad boy has going on. For now, I’ll just save my pennies and hopefully purchase it someday…

3. I’m all about neutrals with a pop of pattern and color. I think this bed setup does just that. I’m looking for a high-quality comfy duvet cover in crisp white, and then I can jazz it up with pillows. Finding bedding & pillows similar to this, is #1 on my bedroom to-do list. 

4. This striped rug has just the right amount of “preppy-ness” going on and I like the soft green color.

5. I’ve always wanted to create a reading nook in our bedroom, and for that it is all about finding the right chair. This gray one is gorgeous & glamorous. I could definitely picture myself curled up in the green blanket, sitting on this chair, reading a novel.

 Let me know if you have any suggestions for us as we slowly (but surely!) transform this space into something we both love. Happy weekend!!

  • Amy E

    My fiancé and I just purchased the beautiful “Cotton Pintuck Duvet” in white from West Elm. I love that its crisp and white but still a little feminine (Shh don’t tell him that). I also love the idea that you can change up the entire color scheme of the room just by switching up the pillows occasionally!

  • Amy,
    What a great purchase! I love West Elm’s bedding…such great quality and totally on trend. And you’re totally right, neutrals offer so much flexibility! Plus it gives me the chance to buy more pillows (my guy is always like “more pillows?! We already have too many!”)

  • I also want a little reading nook! I’ve been scouting out some patterned chairs for our new place 🙂