Mother’s Day Gift Tags

Drum roll please……..
All this week we have given you some fabulous Mother’s Day gift ideas:
To finish off those adorable gifts, we are celebrating the grand finale with more FREEBIES for you!
These cute tags can top off any gift for mom!  Just download, print them off, attach to your spectacular present, and watch your mom’s face light up when you give it to her this Sunday. 
Free Printables Mother's Day Gift Tags

Download this free printable by clicking here.

We couldn’t end this special week without showing the special ladies in our lives some T.L.C.

First up…Casey’s favorite gals!

That’s my mom (aka Janimal) and my grandmother (aka Meme). They are two of the most wonderful women I know. I’m so incredibly blessed to have such awesome role models. 

Meme is quite possibly one of the coolest grandmothers out there.  She doesn’t live close, but luckily Meme is incredibly tech savvy. She is on facebook, has an iPhone, and an iPad (how many grandmas do you know like that?!), so it is easy for us to keep in touch.

Chatting with her always makes me feel better, because she is the kind of person that is constantly lifting everyone up and telling them how wonderful they are (instant confidence boost right there!)

Playbook readers have seen the Janimal all over this blog. That’s because my mom is the center of my life.  I don’t know what I would do without our daily chats and her constant support.  She is so full of strength, faith, and compassion…and she pushes me to be a better person everyday.

I couldn’t discuss all of the fab women in my life, without a quick shout out to my future mother-in-law. I know “mother-in-laws” get a bad rap, but I’m literally the LUCKIEST girl in the world to have Kathy as my mom-to-be. Never have I met someone so sweet, intelligent, and compassionate. I’m one lucky bride to be marrying into her family. (Plus, look at those bull riding skills with a fake martini in hand?! Kathy kills it.)
Next up: Bridget’s Ladies. 
I have the most amazing women in my life. My gram, grandma, and the many, many, wonderful aunts that make up our family continue to influence me into the person I am today. Each one is better than the next, and I couldn’t begin to honor these women in a blog post. They are too darn amazing! But I would like to formally introduce to one of the MVP’s from our clan…
Meet the amazing woman that my sisters and I are so fortunate to call Mom. 

Meet Pat.
She’s amazing.
She’s compassionate.
She’s talented.
She’s smart.
She’s dedicated.
She’s stylish.
She’s funny.
She’s extremely hardworking.
And most importantly… She’s my ultimate role model, my motivation, my inspiration, my best friend, and the mom I can only dream of becoming one day.

As the center of this crazy crew, “pretty pat” holds us all together, keeps us all in check, and makes the hardest job in the world look easy. #howdoesshedoit?
And love for the fabulous women in my life doesn’t stop there. Like Casey, my future mother-in-law is nothing less than amazing! I truly could not have hand picked a more thoughtful, supportive, and perfect future “MIL”. 
Wow, we are two very lucky ladies! We hope you take time to tell the special women in your life how much they mean to you… boy, do they deserve it. Happy Mother’s Day from our homes to yours!   
And as always, if you ended up making any of the DIY Playbook inspired mother’s day gifts, be sure to send us a picture at [email protected], or tag us on twitter or instagram @diyplaybook. We love seeing the overwhelming talent from YOU, our MVP readers! Happy weekend, can’t wait to see you back Monday morning. 
P.S. This is our 100th blog post. Whaaaaaaaat?! Time is flying, and we are enjoying every minute of this blog.

  • Jan O’Halloran

    Nothing could make me prouder or happier on Mother’s Day than seeing my daughter doing such great things with her life. You make it easy to be a good mom, Casey! I love you!