Our Home Improvement Time Capsule

Have you ever seen one of these?

A planter? Maybe. A catch-all? Sometimes. A conversation starter? Definitely.

Every visitor that has been to our house has commented on this little black box. Questions, suggestions, jokes… we’ve heard it all, trust me.

As much as we loved to hear all of the theories that our guests came up with about this lil’ mystery, it was time for this him to go.

And just like that, the random little black box was history. 

Inside was a sea of spider webs, dust, and lots of homeowner secrets.

To add to these secrets, Matt and I decided to create a mini time-capsule. We added a picture of us the night of our engagement…

…with a little note to the future homeowners.

Who knows if anyone will ever find this treasure or read our note, but it’s fun to know that even if we move out, there will always be a little piece of our story here for the next homeowners to find.

Not only do we love the fresh look, we are thankful that a little piece of us will always be a secret part of the Longview Lodge. Shhh…. don’t tell anyone.
Have you ever created a home improvement time capsule? 
Or better yet, have you ever found secrets left behind from previous homeowner’s?