Eclectic Gallery Wall – Sources

Last week I promised that I would dish the scoop on my May DIY Challenge. Rest assured, the day has finally arrived. I am here today to give you the 411 on each item on my eclectic gallery wall. Get excited people…

Eclectic Gallery Wall

Eclectic gallery wall with nautical theme

1. This is actually a vintage dart board designed similar to a baseball field. I bought it for $4 (score) at a local Goodwill store. I love that it fits the color scheme, adds a bit of masculinity, and adds some vintage character.

2. Lobster anyone? This $7 lobster print immediately stole my heart at Home Goods. The preppy print mixed with the washed out frame adds some necessary flavor with a fun “splash” of color.

3. Another Home Goods find. I bought this plate in the tableware section of the store for $9.99. I’m digging the depth this piece adds to the gallery wall.  I hung it up with a plate hanger from JoAnn Fabrics (for about $2). I was always a “pinch” intimidated by the thought of working with plate hangers but found the experience much easier than I ever would have thought! When I say easier than I thought, I mean that hanging a plate was much easier than try to hang a picture level… hopefully that puts it in perspective. Don’t be scared!

4. The center of this work of art: my beloved DIY Sign. Here’s a pallet sign tutorial.

DIY Pallet Sign

Pallet sign before
Using wood from an old pallet, the base was created. I mixed some brown paint with some water, to add a little texture and character to the plain pallet wood. With a few casual coats of this random mixture, I finally got the old weathered look I was hoping for.
DIY pallet sign
I used a silver paint marker to trace letters I printed from the computer. “Chestnut meets Mayfield”. Chestnut is the name of the neighborhood I grew up in, while Mayfield is the name of Matt’s hometown. We love our roots, so it only seemed fitting to add the two together in our new space.
Painting a DIY pallet sign

With white paint and a skinny lil’ brush, I patiently filled in my previously traced letters. And just like that, my pallet sign was born. Oh wait, did I mention this was FREE?! (An old pallet, some nails and leftover paint… FREE FREE FREE)

5. Target coat hooks for $19.99… love them! They add to the symmetry of the wall while also adding some necessary function. Any extra trick that can keep us organized is more than welcome around here.

6. Thirteen has quickly become a significant part of our relationship. Thirteen is the year of our engagement, the same year that we will be getting married, and moving into our first house.. together. Thirteen is also the day of my birthday and the same day Matt asked me out on our first date. And randomly, the letter “M”, which is the initial of our my soon-to-be new last name, just so happens to be the 13th letter in the alphabet. Including our lucky number 13 into our room was a must. We picked up these $2 numbers at Home Depot and haven’t looked back since.

7. Nautical inspired bell from Hobby Lobby. There’s no rhyme or reason for this random bell, I just loved it too much to not hang it around here somewhere.

8. This just in: I am addicted to ampersands. Yes, those curly-q symbols that mean “and” have stolen my heart and scattered their way all over our home. Making an appearance on the gallery wall was inevitable. One, because I am obsessed. Two, because an ampersand seems acceptable in a room that sleeps him AND (&) her. Matt spotted this particular ampersand at our local Target. it was on major clearance and its neutral theme with a pop of red works perfectly. $9… SOLD!

9. Rounding out the gallery wall is our old friend the crab. This treasure is a friendly reminder that there is only one crab allowed in this room. With this little guy holding the crabby title, there’s no more room for another crab or crabbiness. Thanks Home Goods for keeping us positive while still adding cuteness. Now, that is what I call… #homegoodshappy.

Loving our Eclectic Gallery Wall

nautical inspired eclectic gallery wall

The grand total of the ENTIRE gallery wall….. about $75!! Grand Slam SCOREEEEE!!!!

Adding an eclectic gallery wall to a master bedroom.