Upcycled Planter Box

Remember that random old planter we had in our entryway?
We removed it from the half wall, but we were left with this random tin box that had no real purpose.

Until now! We decided to finally give the “old planter” what we think it deserves.
1. Real life, living Flowers
2. A place to shine, or at least soak up some sunshine

Here’s me trying to sell my idea to Matt. Once he approved my pitch, I worked hard to complete the project before he changed his mind. #hurrryyyy
I bought some flower box wall brackets (+The Home Depot) and some brown spray paint to finish the job. Because we already had the planter box, the entire project cost us less than $15!

I read the directions on the back of the brackets, did a tiny bit of drilling & hammering to secure the flower box, and added some orange gerber daisies.

Boy, does this old planter love the spotlight, I mean sunlight, well… maybe both.

Can you believe this planter used to be stuck in a half wall filled with spider webs and dust? 
Fast forward a month and a half- our upcycled planter now looks like this….

  • Alysia @ Slim Sanity

    very cute!! I like it

  • Thanks Alysia!! Any big DIY plans on the agenda?

  • ck

    what did you do with this half wall? did you keep it or take it out? I have a very similar half wall that i want to remove just having pulled the trigger yet on it…