Bridget’s Paint Colors

I’ve gotten quite a few questions about the paint colors in my house. DIY Playbook rule #87: you ask, we spill. So here ya have it….

Choosing the paint colors for our house was no easy task. With a paint deck that had about 4.4 million colors in it, I was completely overwhelmed and got sucked into a trap of overthinking the whole thing. My advice: Keep it in perspective. It’s just paint. Pick a few colors that you love, colors that flow in your home, and run with it! You can always re-paint if you absolutely hate the colors.

Another piece of advice: get a few sample colors from your local hardware store (about $2-$3 each) and paint them on the wall before you decide on THE color. It’s important to see the color on the wall in your space. Everyone’s lighting is a little different and this can make a huge difference in the appearance of the color. Make sure to sneak a peek at your sample colors at all different times of the day too. The color may look different at different times of the day/night. Who knew?

Once you finally identify the color that you makes you swoon each time you pass ‘er by… ding, ding, ding, you have found a winner! Choose that color and run with it… well, after you pay for it of course.

Here’s what the colors look like “in real life”…
Benjamin Moore Pewter Grey
Pewter Grey
Edgecomb Grey
Edgecomb Grey Benjamin Moore
Edgecomb Grey bedroom
Monnshine Benjamin Moore
Moonshine Paint
If you want to see even more pictures of these paint colors, check out my house tour here

  • Runt

    Thanks so much for this!!! We are expecting our first little one and I SO badly want to paint the nursery a beautiful, soft gray. Well, the Hubs is totally against this idea because he has no design eyes and thinks gray is depressing! MEN! I have been randomly Googling gray nurseries and been sending them to him like, “look at this one, look at this one, what about this one?!” I really like the way Moonshine looks! Maybe he’ll go for it just because the name… HAHA! =]

  • Thanks @Runt!! Congratulations! Why can I totally hear my better half saying the exact same thing? I feel for ya girl. My advice: persistence! I think the “Moonshine” angle may be the perfect ticket… good thinking. Let us know how it goes. haha

  • April Hurt Riley

    where did you get your dining set? Love it!

  • We got it on sale @ World Market the week after Christmas! They always have a fabulous furniture sale around then, so we stocked up =)

    Thanks April!

  • Lynne

    We are remodeling our bathroom and my colors are very similar…. What color tile is in your bathroom? Is it tan?

  • How fun!! Yes, our tile is a tan/sand-ish color. You’ll have to tune in a couple of weeks when I reveal my new bathroom decor!

    In the meantime, we’d love to see your new bathroom! Send us a picture, we’d love to feature a dramatic before & after on our reader rebound series!