Mirror Gallery Wall Inspiration

I have a love affair with mirrors.
No, no…not because I like looking in mirrors. There’s no “who’s the fairest of them all?” going on in this household.
I love mirrors because they can reflect light and really transform the feel of a room.  They’re shiny, pretty, and they instantly add a bit of sparkle and glam to a space. 
If you follow us on Pinterest, then you may have noticed that lately I’ve been a mad woman pinning up a storm! Many of those pins are of gorgeous gallery walls, all featuring (you guessed it!) MIRRORS! 
Cue the eye candy…
Apartment Therapy Mirror Gallery Wall
Mirror Gallery Wall
Orange Mirror Gallery Wall
Mirrors above mantel
Assorted hanging mirrors
Mirrors up staircase
Sunburst Mirrors over bed
Are these not all seriously gorgeous!? The varying mirror shapes, colors, textures, and arrangements make each room one of a kind! 
All of this eye candy got me thinking, can I have my own mirror gallery wall? 
After strolling around our loft, I found a wall that was begging for a new look.
Mirror gallery wall here
This wall in our master bedroom has always been a hodge-podge of random. It never really had a very cohesive look.  But it’s a large space and could certainly use some glam. 
Wall behind television
The glossy green mirror on the left (remember it was an $8 score?) could potentially stay. But for now I’ll take it down and start with a blank canvas. On the right is one of our favorite songs “God Gave Me You” in a black frame. That little guy will certainly find a new home in our place somewhere.
Now that I have some inspiration and a space to work with, I need some mirrors!
I’ve started my collection…
$7 Mirrors goodwill finds
These were found at Goodwill for $7 total! I’m contemplating spray painting one or both (white? silver? keep them as is?) 
This trio of circles was found on clearance at Target for only 13 buckaroos! The round shape will certainly make arranging this gallery wall a whole lotta fun!
As you can see, this project is definitely a work in progress. I want to slowly accumulate some really great mirrors from thrift stores, antique shops, and big box stores. Right now, I’m taking all mirrors into consideration…all shapes, sizes, & colors. I’m leaning towards silvers & whites..but we will see what happens!
black dresser and television
For now, I’ll just stare at my wall of randomness and look forward to my future mirror gallery wall!

  • I love how mirrors open up a room and make it feel bigger. My favorite inspiration is the photo with the round mirrors above the bed! Also – such a good Target find!

  • Dana, I couldn’t believe the Target find either…$13! Wahoo. That place usually makes me giddy regardless of price!

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