No longer F-A-T

Heck of a post title right?!

Well, I’m not talking about me being fat…instead I’m referring to the faux metal letters we have going on in our kitchen.

Anthropologie Inspired Zinc Letters spell EAT
Anthropologie Inspired Letters

Remember the Anthro-inspired zinc letters from this post? Well, last time I was having a bit of trouble with the letters looking like they read “FAT” instead of “EAT.”

Anthropologie Inspired Zinc Letters EAT

I used the temporary solution of a basket to give the letters a boost in height.

Fast forward a few months, and I finally have a permanent solution (things move slow around here!)

I had a bulletin board hanging in our kitchen that I made out of old wine corks. It served as a great catch-all for pictures, invitations, and knick-knacks. But, it was just too small for the corner.

I figured the silver letters would look much better in that space, and take up a nice long chunk of the wall.

Command picture hanging strips

All I needed was a few picture hanging strips…

…and a level.

I was good to go in 5 minutes flat!

Anthropologie inspired zinc letters spell EAT

I feel like it fits the space much better!

Anthropologie Zinc Letters in Kitchen spelling EAT
Best part is no one will ever, ever think it reads “FAT”again!

  • Manda Wolf

    Looking like “FAT” is too funny. That is something I would do and not notice until someone came over! I like it hanging on the wall looks very nice.

    Manda Wolf @ Our Wolf Den

  • @Manda Wolf I seriously did not even notice until my fiance said, “umm are you trying to tell me I’m FAT?” Hilarious!

    And yes, they’re much better (& more readable) in the new spot.

  • Alysia @ Slim Sanity

    haha whoops! That’s hilarious! like the new placement 🙂

  • Runt

    I had to comment just because of the post title. Too funny. =]

  • Brittany DeKoch

    Where oh where did you find that “Wausau Brewing Co.” box? I grew up in Wausau and had no idea such a thing existed!!

  • Brittany, so amazing to hear from another Wausau gal!!! We lived there for about a year (2010-2011) and we loved it!

    I purchased the Wausau crate at the antique store in the middle of downtown Wausau…the one right by the Back When Cafe. They had a few in the basement, and I knew it would be something I would keep forever to remind us of our time there.

    Good luck finding one for yourself! I hope you do 🙂