Office Chair Score

When it comes to road trips, you probably don’t want to travel with me.

First of all, I’m that girl that has to pee every 30 minutes. Even if it is a short drive, if I’m in the car you’re probably making a pit stop. Besides my tiny bladder, I also can’t help but check out various antique shops/flea markets/thrift stores that we pass along the highway. Every billboard draws me in and makes me giddy for the “treasures” that I may find along our route.

We visited the Lake of the Ozarks at the start of the summer, driving the 3 hours west for our mini vacay. Finn allotted me 1 antique shop stop for the ride home. The pressure was on. I only had one chance to get this right and find the perfect stop for our little shopping spree.

I’m happy to say I found the perfect spot along our route and even managed to score a fab new chair.

I love a man who thrifts

While shopping, I instagrammed this photo. (It’s true…I do love a man who thrifts!)  Finn was actually testing out a potential new piece of furniture, when I snapped the pic of him. What a good sport.

Black Leather Swivel Office Chair

It’s a leather, swivel chair that we thought might fit perfectly with our desk. And at only $19…it was a total score! Into the car she went.

Ikea desk chair

Waiting for us back at home was the chair we were currently using at our desk. An Ikea find that looked okay, but wasn’t actually functional for 1 out of the 2 residents here. (Hint, about the 6’3″ guy with really long legs, who couldn’t get his legs to fit under the desk??)

Black leather office chair swivel

We needed a shorter chair, and this new score seemed to fit our needs to a T.

The chair is really unique and even has a funky floral pattern. You can definitely tell we didn’t pick it out at Office Depot.

Black office chair white desk

It makes me almost want to sit down and do some work. Almost.

Office Chair white desk
This $19 score is here to stay…
New office chair and desk
…and it definitely made our little detour worth it!