Summer Bucket List – July Update

July is more than halfway over…say what?! Man oh man, the summer is really flying.
We are doing our best to enjoy every last minute of these gorgeous summer days, and our bucket list is keeping us both on track.  
Because before we know it..that school bell will ring and it will be back to reality for B. 
Crossing off summer bucket list
Here’s what Casey has been up to lately…
Sassy Shades
Rock a pair of sassy shades: Finn & I are definitely not the kind of people to wear super expensive shades. I’m always throwing them in my purse (hello scratched lenses!) and he is known to lose things (sorry buddy!) Therefore, you’re more likely to see us rockin’ $5 sunglasses..than $50 ones! 
On a recent trip to Chicago, we both found ourselves shades-less, so we ducked into a small shop to pick out some ridiculous sunglasses. I got some pink, heart shades for less than $10 and he went with white ones. They definitely did the job of keeping the sun out of our eyes, but more importantly we felt super sassy! 
Omelette and oatmeal eating breakfast outside
Eat breakfast outside: It’s always a treat when Bridget and I get together for some girl time. A few weekends ago, we spent an entire day hanging out, working on the blog, and prepping for an upcoming blog conference (Hello Haven!) We started off our jampacked day with a long walk from Bridget’s house to downtown Lagrange for some breakfast. Sitting outside eating oatmeal and eggs, coffee in hand, with your best friend…it doesn’t get any better than that!
Go on a date: As stated above, my man and I recently enjoyed a weeklong trip home to Chicago.  Typically we only get to go to Chicago for a weekend, and it is always hard to cram in time with friends, family, and each other. This weeklong trip was the perfect amount of time to cross off everything on our to-do list. We spent 2 nights downtown Chicago and enjoyed nice walks and dinners together. It was pure bliss.  There’s nothing like Chi-town in the summertime. 
And here’s what Bridge has been up to…

Buy fresh flowers for yourself: I bought these hydrangeas (my our favorite… right Case?) @ the local Trader Joe’s. Not only did a snag these fabulous stems… I bought the whole dang plant, roots and all. I cut off each flower to enjoy inside mi casa and planted the roots outside mi casa for future blooms. It’s been about two weeks and it looks like the roots are going to make the lodge smile with lots of future hydrangeas. Keep your fingers crossed people…

Date night: Casey isn’t the only ones enjoying a little sunshine alongside her boy. Thankfully, I snagged my better half to enjoy a summer night doing one of my all time favorite things: riding a tandem bike together. Matt and I rode our first tandem bike a few years back in the amazing Mackinaw Island. I enjoyed the scenery, took a few pics (don’t tell Matt) and enjoyed the romantic experience. Matt on the other hand… he took care of the pedaling, sweating and even a little cursing up front. Not much has changed since then, we I still enjoy riding this bike for 2… without being a backseat driver.

Watch Fireworks: As part of my sister’s wedding week festivities, the family got a big group of guests to camp out and enjoy a local firework show. Surrounded by some of my favorite people, I enjoyed these glamorous lights and chatted all things wedding prep. Can’t wait to fill y’all in on the amazing wedding.. stay tuned, I promised it’s on it’s way.

Use an umbrella: Here’s a sneak peek of our engagement photo shoot. I can’t wait to share allll of the details once I get the pictures back!! Wow, I have so much to fill you in on. I’ll leave you with this: it was about 95 degrees, beyond humid, and it rained… quite the hat trick on our big day. Although these elements were horrid for the hair-do, the weather didn’t damper our day. Matt and I had a blast, rain and all.

How’s your summer bucket list coming along? If you haven’t gotten in on the fun just yet… it’s not too late. You can download and print your own Summer Bucket List right here.

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