You’re Hot & You’re Cold

On a recent family vacay to the Lake of the Ozarks, I couldn’t help but do a little thrifting.

Sure I was on vacation, but it was a rainy afternoon and the store in town was called “Everyday is Christmas.” How can I resist visiting a store called “Everyday is Christmas”?!?!
The owner of the local shop may have been sitting outside shirtless, rolling handmade cigarettes (hey, you never know what you’re gonna find in the country) but I’m happy I made the trek inside.
$3 score
Amongst the Christmas clutter was a cute basket, with old school “HOT” & “COLD” handles. For only $3 it was all mine!
I brought my $3 score home, ready to incorporate it into our bathroom decor.
Bathroom caddy soap flowers
Right now, it acts a bathroom caddy in between our sinks.

Target Soap Dispenser
On one side you’ll find my favorite soap dispenser from Target. It’s shiny and silver, just like my new little caddy.
Teacup holding vintage broaches
A white ceramic teacup holds vintage broaches from my great-grandmother. They add a touch of glam and sparkle to the bathroom, and it’s nice to look at a piece of history as I get ready every morning. Plus, keeping those beautiful broaches in sight reminds me to wear them more often!
I’m loving the $3 addition to our bathroom.