How to Make a Chalkboard Globe

Have you ever had that single girl in your life that you love and wish you knew a guy good enough to match her up with? And have you ever had a single guy in your life that’s amazing, but you can never think of someone special enough to fix him up with. You love each individually, but never thought of mixing the two…. until now. And then after they hit it off you think to yourself, “what took me so long to fix these two up? They’re perfect for each other!” Long story short, that’s how I feel about today’s DIY combo.
I love globes. I love chalkboard paint. Why haven’t I ever thought to set them up sooner?
Globe makeover

This globe is charming, fabulous, & one of about 4 I have in my house. Because I have 4 colorful spheres, I didn’t feel as guilty masking it’s natural beauty with a lot less color.

Globe DIY
There’s only a few steps here, so listen carefully or you’ll miss ’em. First, add a little tape.
Chalkboard globe
With a paint brush, add about 4 coats of chalkboard paint.
DIY Globe Chalkboard
Remove the tape and you’re done!! Wait, it’s that easy? Yes!
Hometown Globe
I added a little chalk heart to our home sweet home and called it a day. Done & done.
Chalk Globe
I love the simplicity, color, and rich-ness of this combo. I mean seriously, why didn’t I think coupling these two charming singles before?
Before and After Globe
And if you ask me, these two lived happily ever after.
DIY Globe
End of story.