DIY Time Out: Man Edition

While our ladies are living it up in Atlanta, they asked us to take over the blog on this lovely Friday.  They must have known our post was bound to be a success, since we impressed them with our blogging and DIY skills back in April. (more about that here.)

So take note girls, we’re revealing our manly “must haves” in this edition of DIY Time Out.

DIY Time Out
Matt & Finn's Must Haves

1. Lacoste Cologne: Every Christmas, as sure as Santa will come down the chimney, it is just as sure that my mom will present me with a cologne gift. Lacoste has been my “staple fragrance” which is sure to turn the heads and tingle the nostrils of many-a-DIY’er.

2. Bigalow Organic Green Tea Every morning before work I used to begin my day with a cup of coffee. However, I have found a much healthier alternative which not only tastes better in my opinion, but helps keep my appetite in check throughout the day.

3. Bruce Springsteen Live in NY Album: Whenever I hear the words “Springsteen” and “New York City,” my heart skips a beat. One of my all time favorite albums is played regularly in our household. The near twenty minute rendition of “Tenth Avenue Freezeout” makes me feel like a teenage girl during “Beatle-Mania.”

4. Nalgene Water Bottle: My summer has been filled with a lot of long runs and workouts. The Nalgene Water Bottle has been attached to my hip since the beginning of July thanks to a recommendation from my brother. Thirty two ounces of water goodness is the typical finale to a long and draining work out.

5. Whiskey Ball: Whiskey on the rocks can put a little hair on any guy’s chest. Lately I’ve been adding this cocktail to my repertoire, and I always like it cold and a bit watered down. This ice sphere does the trick. It’s just a plastic spherical mold, that you fill with water, and then freeze. I add the cube to my drinks and feel extra classy when I’m sipping my whiskey.

6. Digital Wireless Headphones: Since we live in a loft (aka no privacy) I use these wireless headphones to watch TV late at night. Casey heads to bed around 9:30pm (no joke, she is crazy)..while I’m more of a night owl. All I do is plug in these headphones and I can watch all the TV I want, while Casey dreams away in our quiet loft.

7. Crew Forming Cream: I’ve been using this hair product for years. All I can say is it is well worth the price tag.

8. Silver Tie Clip: I’m not always thrilled when Casey drags me to antique shops and flea markets, but sometimes I do find a few things for myself. On a past flea market trip, we found a silver, vintage tie clip. It was only $10 and I’ve worn it many times. Cufflinks are cool too, but you have to wear a specific button shirt down for those. I can wear a tie clip whenever I have to wear a suit and tie, and it adds a little pizzazz to my ensemble.

Don’t worry DIY Playbook fans, you’re not stuck with us for too long. Your two favorite girls will be back on Monday.