Wrapping up our Summer Bucket List

Today Bridget is BACK TO SCHOOL! Can you believe it? Where did the summer go?

To celebrate her return to academia, we’re finishing up our Summer Bucket List. You guys know we made it a priority to savor this summer, and take full advantage of these long gorgeous days. We did fairly well on our to-do list…

Summer Bucket List

 Here’s what we’ve been up to over the past month…


Salted Caramel Ice Cream

Order a new Ice Cream Flavor: This was quite possibly the yummiest activity on our bucket list. See, I’m typically a mint chocolate chip girl (sometimes cookie dough if I’m feeling craaazy!) So it was actually kinda difficult to get out of the mint chip box and order something totally new. Well, I’ve lived to tell the tale that it is great to try something new! I ordered this salted caramel from a local restaurant and whoa, baby! Dy-na-mite!

Turtle and Red Velvet Cupcakes

Visit a Cupcake Shop: Ummm..is it just me or am I going to gain 5 million pounds because of this summer bucket list? Ice cream AND cupcakes? Geesh! But seriously holy yum. My mom and I visited the bakery in my hometown for this tasty two-some. I dove right into the turtle and caramel one, while the Janimal chose red velvet.

Washing a car with a hose

Wash Your Car: I can’t even lie, this was the first time in a looong time that I actually washed my car. It’s just so darn hard when you live in the city and park in a garage. Vacuuming the inside and hosing the outside are off limits for this city girl. So I took advantage of some time at my mom’s house to give my car some TLC. Let’s just say I’m no longer ashamed to have people in my car. It’s smelling fresh and clean.

Overboard Movie

Watch an Old Movie: Overboard is quite possibly one of my favorite movies, so it wasn’t hard to cross this item off of my bucket list.  The movie is laugh out loud funny and I’m obsessed with Goldie Hawn. If you haven’t seen this classic, go rent it right now. You will love it.


On a boat

Take a Boat Ride: Check! Matt and I took a little journey up to Twin Lakes Wisconsin to visit one of my favorite people in the world and a lady who will be standing by my side on my wedding day. It was one of the highlights of my summer… I mean who doesn’t love a day on the water with some fabulous people?

Crab Bake

Try a new food: a crab bake! Who knew that after ya grill all this grub you can throw it on a newspaper and dig in? Intimidating, yes. Questionable, yes. Delicious, yes.yes.yes! A little piece of the east coast made its way to Chicago and you all better believe that this east coast wanna-be was all over it.  

Sparkly Chandelier

Take an artsy photo: Love, love, love any and all things rustic mixed with glam. This chandy combo is no different. I love the dark wood paired with the sparkling fixture. It’s the perfect compromise of his and hers, and left me wondering how I could incorporate this look into our home. Hmmm….

Go a day without my phone: I unplugged for a full 24 hours and lived to tell about it. It was amazing but I don’t have any eye candy to share with you. I loved being completely unplugged… you should try it sometime. Better yet, you should recruit your friends, family and everyone around you to “unplug for love”. I heard a fellow blogger mention this movement and I love it! Who doesn’t need a little less distraction to focus on what’s really important in life… those wonderful people you surround yourself with. So even though summer is over, I still dare you to check this one of the list. It was by far one of my favorites!!

So we didn’t hit everything on our list. But, that wasn’t really the point of the bucket list. Instead the list forced us to try something new and break out of our routine. I think we both definitely accomplished that.

Now it’s time to look ahead to one of our favorite seasons. Fall! Bring on the comfy sweaters, leather boots, and trendy scarves…we’re ready for you!

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