Garage Cabinets: Take One

These cabinets have gone green.
Cabinet Makeover
No, they haven’t been painted green. 
These cabinets have been recycled from our house’s kitchen remodel. These are our home’s original kitchen cabinets and have about thirty years of grease on their hardware to prove it. So no, the cabinets are not literally green, but have been recycled, re-used, re-purposed and so, yes they’re now considered “green”.
Painting old cabinets
But they’re orange. ugly. and they need a makeover. asap. Today I’ll take you through the dirty work and tomorrow I’ll reveal my final product. 
So let’s get started!
Step One: Remove the doors with a screwdriver.
I told you there were layers of nasty built-up.
Taking off hardware
Step Two: Using the same screwdriver, remove the handles from the cabinet doors.
Rookie DIY Tip
Sanding Cabinets
Step Three: Using a sander and sand paper, start sanding each cabinet door (back and front). This is a dusty, time consuming, and tiring process. Make sure you have a drop cloth (or five), lots of time, and some serious muscle ready.
Sanding Cabinet doors
Cabinet Makeover
Keep sanding (switching the sandpaper throughout the process) until your cabinet door has been completely stripped. Now it’s time to move onto the cabinet itself.
Repeat step three on the cabinet’s base.

Step Four: It’s almost time for some primer. Before you can start painting, make sure you use painter’s tape to protect the hardware from the paint. You’ll probabbly need an exacto knife or scissors to make sure you cover the hardware precisely.

Step Five: Primer! Spray a light coat of primer over each cabinet. Let this layer dry and repeat on the opposite side of the cabinet door.

Step Six: Use a paint brush to prime the cabinet base. I only painted the outside of the base, however, if these were anywhere other than my garage, I’d definitely prime the inside of the cabinets as well.

Hardware Makeover
In the meantime, I started working on the old handles. After soaking & scrubbing the layers of grease off of them, I realized that each handle was a different color. Because I was priming and painting these bad boys, I wasn’t concerned.  
Old Hardware

A super helpful tip: Nail the hardware into some leftover cardboard (or spare corkboard) to keep each piece standing up straight. This will ensure you can paint the entire handle in one sitting rather than only being able to paint one side and then having to turn the handle and paint the other. The cork board will help make this one stop shopping…

Hardware Primer
I used the same spray paint primer on the handles as well.
So now the worst part of DIY.. waiting for the paint to dry. #ughhh. We’ll let these dry overnight and I’ll be back with the full reveal tomorrow morning. Tune in around 7:00am to see how all of this dirty work paid off. Oh and spoiler alert: I didn’t paint them green. Any other guesses?
How would you add your own personality to these old-school, orange cabinets?