How To Use a Paint Sprayer and a Free Giveaway!

(Disclaimer: We were given a free HomeRight Finish Max Fine Finish Sprayer in exchange for this post. The information and opinions expressed are 100% our own and are not influenced by HomeRight.)

So you guys all saw the dramatic mailbox makeover on the blog yesterday..right?
Yellow Mailbox Makeover Before and After
If not, here is a nice reminder pic for ya. She’s gorgeous, isn’t she?!
Well this project would have taken at least twice, maybe three times as long if I didn’t have a nice handy gadget from HomeRight.
HomeRight Sprayer
Now, I know what you’re thinking. Tools can be tricky and I don’t want to learn how to use another one when I can just paint with a brush. Trust me, I was in your shoes. But my eyes have been opened people. This sprayer will now be an essential part of my toolbox (okay..probably won’t fit in my toolbox, but you get the point!)
HomeRight Sprayer Box
The cool thing about this sprayer is that it is airless, so you don’t need to use a noisy compressor to use it. Instead all you need is an extension cord and an outlet to get this bad boy going.
HomeRight Sprayer Instructions
There were only a few components in the box (yay for not having a million tiny parts to put together!) and it included a funnel. The funnel is used to thin any thicker paint. Personally, I didn’t do this for my mailbox project and it worked out fine.
Once my sprayer was put together, I filled the cup with the yellow paint.
Rookie Tip: Make sure you fill it up with a good amount of paint. You can always pour what you don’t use back into the paint gallon.
Before I started spraying the mailbox, I practiced on a big piece of cardboard. This helped me get used to the sprayer. I definitely recommend this step, so you can build up your confidence to tackle the actual project. You will also get a good feel for how quickly the paint comes out and how close you need to keep the sprayer from the object you’re painting.
Yellow Mailbox and Paint Sprayer
Once I got going, it was actually incredibly quick and easy. Spraying 1 coat of this entire mailbox took less than two minutes…and that is not an exaggeration. I was also impressed with the even, smooth surface.
Now I’ve gotta keep it real for my favorite readers. The only part I didn’t enjoy about this sprayer was the cleanup. I followed the directions and cleaned out the excess paint, nozzle, and tube and I then filled the cup with soapy water and sprayed it through to clean out the insides. It was my least favorite part of the process, but to me it was well worth it!
Yellow Mailbox Makeover
I cannot wait to use the sprayer for a much bigger project. I’m sure this handy tool will help me paint anything in no time at all!
You can check out more details about the sprayer right here…or you can enter to win one directly from us!
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Good luck!

Casey @ DIY Playbook

  • Becky

    I have an old gumball machine that I bought at a garage sale that I’ve been wanting to paint a fun color.

    I’ve always wanted a sprayer, it’s on my Christmas wish list.

  • KristyDoyle

    I have a dresser that I want to paint, but I’m not down for painting it with a brush. I would use it on that first.

  • A gumball machine? That is AWESOME! How fun!

  • It would take hardly any time at all with the sprayer! This thing is fast!

  • Michelle

    My great grandmother passed away in June and left me a beautiful, small-size hutch, circa 1960. It is (as all of her belongings were) in great condition but we don’t have a formal dining room (or any space in the kitchen) to put it in. I would love to paint it white and repurpose it to use as a display cabinet of sorts in a nursery for our first little one. I’m a little scared to use a paint brush on it, but this sprayer would be perfect!

  • Kiersten P

    Oh I wish I had this paint sprayer when I re-finished my kitchen cabinets! It would have been SOOO much faster. I would use this to paint my patio chairs.

  • Michelle…how special! I love the tradition and history behind old pieces like that.

  • Wow Kiersten…you’re a pro for refinishing your kitchen cabinets. That’s awesome!

  • Jessica Shilt

    I can just imagine using this paint sprayer all the time!

  • twenteries

    I found a great end table at a garage sale a few years ago, that really doesn’t match our decor.. but was a great bargain! Would love to use a paint sprayer to give it a new look.

  • Heather @fitncookies

    I actually am building a desk so this would be perfect to paint it! Fast and efficient!

  • Rebecca Little

    I would spray the bottle cap table I am building!

  • Brittany @ read, run, repeat

    What a neat little gadget! This would come in handy for lots of projects! Right now I’m working on a new to me bar stand/rack

  • Oh sounds fun!

  • Amy Engle

    My husband and I just moved into our first home after getting married on August 31st and this would be the perfect tool to help us with the many DIY projects we would like to tackle!

  • Congrats to you and your new husband Amy!

  • Caitlin Lindquist

    I just got my first hop into the career-world so I will begin searching for a house in the next month or two! So I will have lots of walls and ceilings to paint!

  • Kaylin

    An old chair to refurbish!

  • Karen Marie Claire

    I’m always looking for fun ways to spice up my little abode………I HATE painting and this looks like the perfect device to take the pain out of painting!!!

  • Cindy B

    I bought an old nightstand at the thrift store. I use it under my desk to store supplies and it needs a nice coat of paint!

  • Hey Karen!!! Yes, this bad boy certainly takes the Pain out of Painting…love that!

  • Good for you Caitlin! Congrats!

  • Shanna Schlabach

    I would finish painting the trim in our house!

  • Adrienne Wilson

    We just moved and I have been trying to tackle a bunch of DIY projects, but don’t have as much time now that the school year has started. This would be perfect for some old shutters that I picked up at an antique stor that I want to turn into a coat rack/hanger.

  • Joy

    I would love to spray paint some doors!

  • Melissa Snow

    I’m currently in the process of making a massive built in desk for our office. You don’t know how badly I could use this!

  • Debra Lee

    I have a dresser that needs some love

  • Jenna

    I have an old dresser that I’ve been dying to paint but I don’t want to deal with a paintbrush!!

  • This would put a paintbrush to shame!

  • That sounds like quite the endeavor Melissa! Good luck!

  • Shutters into a coat rack…love it!

  • Millie R

    I would use it to spruce up my old bedroom set.

  • Nicole B

    I’d love to win this!!! So many things to paint in my house right now!

  • Suzie

    I have several walls to paint, furniture to re-do, and a mailbox that needs some color.

  • Melissa Snow

    Did you ever announce a winner? I’m assuming it wasn’t me, but sure would hate to miss out if I was and missed the email. 🙂

  • Hi Melissa…yes we did announce a winner. It was Kiersten. Sorry you didn’t win it. But good luck with the built in desk…we would love to see pics!