Making over a Mousepad with Fabric

Haven Swag Bags
Remember this picture from our Haven recap post? We are grinning because those swag bags are filled with all kinds of DIY goodies. Bring on the freebies!
Wicked Good Fabric

This adorable box of fabric from Online Fabric Store was tucked inside my bag. I instantly knew I liked this company after reading “wicked good” on the box. Love it.

But I was even more in love with them after I saw the fabric inside…

Burlap and blue fabric

Plenty of burlap, and a pretty blue pattern. Score!

Since I’m not busy shopping for furniture or home decor, (due to my current living situation) I decided I might as well spruce up something around my mom’s house.

That’s when I saw this boring & blah computer mousepad.

Functional? Yes.
Pretty? Ummmm Nope!

So I got to work using the fabric and a few other supplies…and 10 MINUTES LATER I had a trendy mousepad all ready to go for the Janimal’s desk.

Fabric wrapped mousepad
Is this a revolutionary craft? Not at all. But, it was free and took me hardly any time at all. That’s a win in my playbook.
Tracing Fabric
I first traced around the mousepad, leaving about 2 to 3 inches on the edges.
Mousepad and cut fabric
Then I attempted to cut (I’m a lefty…cutting is hard for me. Like reaaaal hard) the fabric.
A hot glue gun came in handy to secure the fabric on the back of the mousepad. I started with a dot in the middle of each side and pulled tightly as I went along. (Similar to the technique I used while reupholstering this bench)
Rookie tip use a spoon to push down the hot edges
Since the glue is hot and the fabric is thin, save your fingertips and use a spoon to press down the glue. Or else you’ll have some scalded finger pads. Ouch.
Rookie Tip wrap fabric like a present
Corners are always the hardest part to tackle for any project like this. Just do your best, and fold them down like a present, and secure with glue.
Blue Fabric Mousepad
Bam, you’ve got a fashionable new mousepad in less than 10 minutes!
Fabric mousepad and computer mouse
Now it’s your turn! Find the perfect fabric and spruce up your own boring mousepad.  Then get ready for plenty of compliments from your coworkers about your bright new desk accessory!
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