Jan’s New Kitchen Stools

Remember back when I was “paying rent” with DIY projects for my mom? Well here is one final project that I never showed you guys.

On a flea market trip back in August we spotted 2 wooden kitchen stools for $4 a piece. My mom was in some serious need of some kitchen seating, so we scooped those bad boys up and happily handed over our $8.  2 months later and the chairs were still sitting in the garage. #oops

After hemming and hawing over what to do with them, we (finally) came up with a gameplan. Find a fabulous fabric for the seats and freshen up the stool with new paint. Boom, we could do this in a weekend!

Online Fabric Store

I ordered the above fabric from Online Fabric Store to go with the soft green tones in my mom’s kitchen. I sometimes get nervous ordering fabric online, because you never really know what it may look like when it arrives. Luckily, Online Fabric Store never disappoints.

Mail package

A few yards of this gorgeous green were shipped directly to my mom’s house, and we had no choice but to get this project underway. No more procrastinating…

The wood chairs were not in the best shape, so we sanded them until the wood was smooth and even. Then we primed and painted them a pretty off-white color.

yuck reupholster me please

Next, the main attraction…those seat cushions! They were pretty grizzly and I was so ready to cover them up with this gorgeous fabric.

Cutting fabric

We reupholstered the 2 seat cushions following the same tutorial from my nailhead bench project. Measure, cut, and staple. Newbies don’t be intimidated, you can totally do it.

Pinning fabric

Rookie Tip: If your fabric has a pattern and you want it to stay in a certain position, we recommend using small sewing pins to secure the fabric. That way when you pull the fabric tightly on the back to secure with a staple, you don’t move the pattern off-center. The small sewing pins will keep your pattern in place, so your seats match and line up.

Stapling fabric onto seat cushion

Dozens of staples later, and our cushions were good to go.

Reupholstered kitchen stool
green and white fabric

We reattached the cushions with the original hardware (make sure you hold onto all of those little screws) and all the sudden Janimal was ready for a breakfast party in her kitchen.

breakfast bar stool

Doesn’t it look nice?

Reupholstered stool
Casey DIY Playbook
What do you think of that fun fabric??
(Disclaimer: This post is brought to you by Online Fabric Store. However all opinions expressed are 100% our own and are not influenced by Online Fabric Store.)