Chocolate Candy Cane Martini

Chocolate is a permanent food group in both of our diets.  But around the holidays, we take things up a notch and add a little peppermint to our regular chocolate consumption.  Chocolate peppermint bark, minty hot chocolate…bring it on. These treats satisfy our cravings and get us both in the holiday spirit!

This year we’re taking things to the next level and we’re throwing in a bit of booze. Because heck, it’s the holidays and who doesn’t love a festive cocktail?

Here’s a little concoction we like to call our Chocolate Candy Cane Martini.

Chocolate Candy Cane Martini
Chocolate Candy Cane Martini
-1 shot vanilla vodka

-1 shot chocolate liqueur (recommended: Godiva)
-1/2 shot peppermint schnapps
-Candy cane, garnish
-Chocolate syrup, garnish

Candy canes
Add all liquid ingredients to cocktail shaker filled with ice. Shake well. Pour chocolate sauce decoratively around martini glass. Strain mixture into glass and garnish with a candy cane.
Peppermint chocolate martini recipe
This drink is seriously addictive. Oh so chocolately, with just the perfect amount of mint. But beware…if you sip it down too fast you will definitely feel it! So keep that in mind if you’re serving it up at your next party. We don’t want the hostess with the mostess to get sloshed at her own shindig.
Chocolate holiday cocktail
We also whipped up this drink recipe to say a big CHEERS and THANK YOU to our lovely readers. We celebrated with a Mojito recipe last May when we hit 100,000 pageviews, and this martini is to celebrate our path to 1 MILLION PAGEVIEWS (we’re almost there…)

So a big cheers and a big happy holidays to our wonderful fans. We heart you all…

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