Gold & Glittery Reindeer Silhouette

What do you get when you add gold glitter + plaid + a deer silhouette? The answer…this fabulously festive holiday project!

This gold glitter reindeer wall art adds a festive holiday element to any room.

Before we get into nitty-gritty details of the tutorial, let’s just say that this is such an easy do-it-yourself project.  You’ll be done quickly, with plenty of time leftover to tackle your holiday to-do list.

-Staple Gun & Staples
-Fabric Glue
-Foam Brush
-Silhouette of your choice
-Gold Glitter
Assemble your supplies for the gold glitter reindeer wall art: canvas, fabric, staple gun, fabric glue, foam brush, reindeer silhouette, gold glitter, and pencil.
Prep your canvas by stapling fabric to it.
First you need to prep your canvas. We suggest buying a cheap canvas from a thrift store, since you’ll be covering it with fabric anyways. Cover the canvas with your fabric, and secure on the back with a staple gun. Be sure to pull tightly as you go, and staple to the wooden frame.
Stencil your reindeer silhouette directly onto the fabric canvas.
When that’s ready, it’s time to stencil your silhouette directly onto the front of the canvas. We went with a deer head (or perhaps it’s a reindeer?) that we found online and traced onto a large piece of paper. We cut the deer head out and used a pencil to stencil it onto the fabric.
Add glue to your outline on the canvas and sprinkle gold glitter.
Now the fun (& somewhat messy) part! Get out that gold glitter and glue and let’s get to work.  Outline the deer head with glue and use the foam brush to cover the large area in the middle.  Then lightly shake some gold glitter onto the wet glue. We suggest working in sections so the glue doesn’t dry.
Shake off the excess glitter to reveal your gold reindeer silhouette wall art.

Once your reindeer is all glammed up, name him (we went with “Rudy”), and add him to your holiday display.

This gold glitter reindeer wall art adds whimsy to this bathroom.

We are in love with this preppy and whimsical project, and we hope you’ll add your own deer head to your holiday décor.

This reindeer wall art is great holiday decor.
This gold reindeer on holiday canvas is great Christmas decor.
Bridget and Casey DIY Playbook
 P.S. We created this Glitter Reindeer Head to include in the “Fabulously Festive Design Contest” by & Olioboard.