HomeGoods Happy for the Holidays

(Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by HomeGoods, however, all of the the opinions expressed are 100% our own.We heart HomeGoods, even without the free giveaway.)

Now that Thanksgiving is behind us, it’s time to prep for my favorite time of year…Christmas time! This is the first Christmas in our new home and I was oh so excited to dress our house up for the holidays.  A year ago, Matt & I had z.e.r.o. holiday decor. Zilch, zip, nada.
So, after Christmas I hit up the clearance aisle at a few of my favorite shopping spots and loaded up on Christmas basics. I got plenty of goodies (hello Christmas tree!), but I didn’t quite have all the glam accessories I needed to transform our space for the holidays.
And then a Christmas miracle happened, HomeGoods asked if I could decorate my home for the holiday. Ummm my favorite store + my favorite holiday = Christmas bliss.  I said “yes!” before they had time to change their minds!
In order to prep for my holiday shopping spree, I took the HomeGoods Stylescope Quiz. The quiz was so simple to navigate, took about 2.5 seconds, and was spot on! I’m sure you’re not surprised to hear that I am…

Keeping my style in mind, I headed to HomeGoods and came back with a sleigh car full of treasures…


I cleared my shelves that previously looked like this, to create a cozy holiday space with far more pops of red holiday cheer. Let’s take a closer look….

I scored this vintage holiday box for the coffee table for $6.99! This little gem not only looks great but it also is home to remote controls, which makes this box both fashionable and functional! <– I love when that happens!
I scored another vintage inspired piece with this “Reindeer Games” picture. It was $9.99 and I love how it incorporates the hints of blue around my house while still being festive. (The adorable reindeers practically smooching on the picture don’t hurt either).
Speaking of reindeer, I couldn’t pass up this $9.99 magnifying glass with its reindeer inspired handle. On a coffee table, shelf, bar cart, bedside, this sophisticated piece is dripping with potential (and not just during the holidays!). The vintage Coca-Cola tin was also a HomeGoods steal…clearance aisle, $1.99!
We all know coral is a staple around my home, and the holidays are no different for this coral obsession. Dressing this HomeGoods piece of coral up with a red beaded garland adds a little holiday spirit to my “set sail” design style, I think hope?
This candle stick extinguisher (I have a feeling that’s not the official name for this “tool”) is yet again functional and fashionable. The hint of antlers is trendy and fits the holiday theme, yet can work all year round. Candles are such a staple around the holidays in our homes, so this tool is perfect to have on hand. For $3.99, how could ya go wrong?
I snagged this $1.99 Christmas mug to add to the shelves, but of course, the kitchen may be a more appropriate home base for this little guy. Peppermint latte, anyone?
Again, for under $10.00 (loving this under ten buck trend we got going on here) I absolutely adore this green vase! It adds so much dimension, color and texture… it’s definitely eye catching and large enough to make a statement on the shelf.  This bad boy may be staying up past the holidays…
Rounding out my holiday shelf decor, I have a glamorous silver ombre tree mixed with some fun striped straws, both HomeGoods finds for under $10! And who could resist this pup all dressed up for the holidays? I certainly makes my better half far more excited about our holiday decor with this handsome K9 added to the mix. #thatisnoeasytask
And if you know us rookies like we think you do, you know that we have quite the pillow addiction. Unfortunately for our pillow hating partners, our pillow obsession doesn’t stop around the holidays.
Fortunately, for us…HomeGoods knows how to glam up their pillow section during this special time of year. There’s nothing that says cozy winter nights like these sparkling squares.
I especially love the glam on this gold pillow. Is it just me, or does this fabulous pillow totally make you want to dance around the house to Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas is Youuuuu”? Haha, actually, maybe it’s just me.
Peeking out from under our glamorous pillow is our annual Christmas photo album (more on that here). This staple is a fun way for both us and our guests to look back at all of our old holiday memories, while making new ones this year and for many years to come.
Rounding out our holiday tour is this adorable blanket for $19.99. I love this traditional color combo, but there are tons of holiday throws to choose from at HG! Seriously if you’re anything like me, dedicate some serious time to this aisle… you may be there awhile.
Oh, and if you missed yesterday’s Holiday Bar Cart…. you can read all about the transformation here!