Our Hallway Gallery Wall

I’m a sucker for gallery walls.
I know it is just a bunch of frames randomly grouped together and then hung on a wall.  I get it, it’s not that revolutionary.  But I just love them, and I personally think they’re a must for every home.  Gallery walls work out great because you don’t have to commit to a big piece of pricey art, and you can constantly change out the prints in the frames for a new look.
When we moved in, I immediately scoured our place for a great gallery wall spot.  There were limited areas, but I decided to go with a narrow wall in the front hallway.  Front hallway = maximum exposure to all of our guests.
It wasn’t a heck of a lotta space, but I knew I could squeeze in at least a dozen frames on there.  I would just have to be picky with what would make the cut.
I first gathered all of my frames, as well as the necessary hanging supplies.
Wall hanging supplies
In the past, I’ve always hung my frames with a good ol’ hammer and nails. But I’ve recently been introduced to these awesome velcro command strips. They are very easy to apply and don’t ruin your walls. (hello security deposit, I’m getting you back!)
Whenever I’m hanging something on the wall, I always use the “wrapping paper trick.” I measure each of my frames, and then cut out corresponding pieces of wrapping paper for every one. Then I just use some tape and move them around the wall until I come up with a pattern that I like.
Christmas wrapping paper outlines
After plenty of readjusting, this is the pattern I came up with on our wall.
Lay frames on the floor
I then laid out the matching frames directly on the floor in front of the wall.
Empty frames on gallery wall
Once I got it the way I liked it, I just followed the instructions on the strips and got to hanging! It was tedious, but my gallery wall was up and hanging in no time at all.
Then it was time for the fun part…filling those frames!
White frames in gallery wall
I tried to keep the same color scheme throughout all of the white frames (blues & grays), and went with both pictures and prints.
Love letter art
I made this above piece of “art.” I simply took some of our old love letters, found some of my favorite lines, and cut them out in the shape of a heart.  A little glue and paper finished off my romantic masterpiece.
Love letters framed
Home is wherever i'm with you frame
I found this free printable from the fabulous Sarah Dorsey Designs right here. She has 6 colors you can choose from to download and print right at home.  Let’s be honest, I’m a sucker for anything with a map.
Engagement photos
I also printed out a few of our engagement photos to include in our gallery wall.
Gallery wall with pictures
I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. I am loving every single thing up there, and I’m looking forward to changing it up whenever inspiration strikes.
Casey DIY Playbook
What do you think about gallery walls? Are you a fan…or are they not for you?