Shutterboard Christmas Card Storage

Casey recently disclosed her obsession with pillows. We support her, we love her, we accept her for who she is. Now it’s my turn…
My name is Bridget, and I am obsessed with estate sales. Like pull-this-car-over-I-don’t-care-if-you-have-to-change-4-lanes-make-a-U-turn-and-jump-the-median type of obsessed. I see that Estate Sale sign and immediately Matt knows that he has no prayer of getting out of a delayed detour.
Our most recent Estate Sale DIY was this gem…

…a $4 shutter board that I found rummaging through the garage of a darling little cape cod. She was mine, all mineeee.

I took her home and immediately cleaned her up! With a little soap and water, this shutter was ready for her makeover.

I propped her up on an old bucket and spray painted her pure white. The bucket allowed me to paint the sides of the shutter without it missing any spots or the shutter sticking to the drop cloth.

Two coats later, she was clean, shiny and finally taking shape for the holiday season!

Thanks to Matt’s suggestion, I sketched “tis the season” across the middle of the shutter. I then added some fabric glue on top of those pencil marks and eventually sprinkled glitter on top of that glue.

Shutterboard Christmas Card Display

Now, she has a new home and a very important job. Our $4 project holds all of the holiday snail mail we receive. Because let’s be honest, ’tis the season of Christmas Cards, family photos, and festive holiday wishes from friends.
Matt was not sold on our $4 purchase when we left that little cape cod in August…but man, he is loving our new Christmas Hall-of-Holiday-Fame. I love that when guests come over, they are able to see all the JOY that our family & friends have shared with us this holiday season.
And as Christmas got closer and closer, the shutterboard starting looking like this….
The more, the merrier!