DIY Sparkling Lights for Christmas

Are you following us on Pinterest? We heart Pinterest but we don’t always have time to surf the web and ohhh and ahhh over the amazingly creative ideas that are floating around out there. When we do get around to surfing this utopia of all things creative, we feel overwhelmed and don’t always go back to tackling what we pinned a while back.

Well, well, well… those days are about to change! To celebrate our 1,000 follower milestone (<– sayyy whaaaattt? pinch us!), we decided to finally tackle a Pinterest inspired project that we pinned a while back and hopefully, continue to tackle these projects that we loved but never followed up on. Anyone with us?!

Inspired by this pin, we are loving some serious sparkle this holiday season!

DIY Sparkling Lights

Large burned out light bulbs
Since I only had these old light bulbs laying around (and not any pears), I went with the lights bulbs- which kept this project even lower budget than it already is. <– free.
Glue on an old lightbulb
With a little paint brush & fabric glue, I painted each bulb with a thick layer of glue.
Red glitter on lightbulbs
I not-so carefully poured some serious sparkle (or red glitter) on each light bulb, as I rotated it in my hand to ensure the entire bulb would eventually sparkle all the way around.
Adding glitter to burned out lightbulbs
Once the entire light bulb is filled with sparkle, I just waited for them to dry… which did not take too long at all!!

The Perfect Holiday Accessory

Add glitter to old lightbulbs
Before I knew it, I was left with these glamorous holiday bulbs that could be used as holiday decor, a part of your Christmas tablescape, or even as ornaments! I love that I was able to upcycle bulbs that were headed to the trash and give them a full makeover without spending a penny (since I had the glue and glitter).
If you didn’t have these supplies, the project would probably be less than seven bucks. You just can’t go wrong!
How to make DIY sparkling lights for the holidays
Aren’t they pretty?

Free Holiday Decor

How to make DIY sparkling light bulbs
To finish off my pinspired project, I threw these bad boys in a bowl and added them to my Christmas coffee table.
A bowl of DiY sparkling lights
They just seem like the perfect finishing touch to this Christmas cluster but I’m still dreaming up ways that I can use my next batch of sparkly bulbs.
Free holiday decor
A bowl of DIY sparkling lights for the holidays
How to make DIY sparkling lights
After this EASY and glamorous DIY project, these two rookies are feeling far more motivated to not just PIN but MAKE too! Who’s with us?!