Testing Out Our New Grills

Grilling just screams summertime…doesn’t it? Having a cocktail on the patio, throwing a few burgers on the grill, and hanging with friends….that sounds like a fabulous summer day to us! Unfortunately, it’s the dead of winter, and those sunshine filled days are a looong ways away!
But who says you can’t fire up the grill in January? Grilled food just tastes better and it’s worth it to freeze your tush for a few minutes, in exchange for yummy food.

Our First Time Grilling

Since Casey recently acquired a balcony (big enough for a grill) and Bridget recently built a patio (totally big enough for a grill)…these 2 rookies decided to take the plunge and find 2 fabulous BBQs to complete our outdoor spaces. We figure that gives us a few months to practice our grillin’ technique, and by the time summer comes along, we will officially be grillmasters! #wishfulthinking

Bridget’s Sears Grill Review

Sears grill review
Here’s my tricked out grill. Isn’t this bad boy insanely huge & awesome? There are so many “secret” features that make this grill seem like the celebrity of all grills.
Sideburner on a Kenmore grill
In true celebrity fashion, this paparazzo tried to capture all of the details that make up this Kenmore Grill model. Take this side burner for example.
The grill itself is very large, yet the side burner is the perfect addition to grill something that may not want to mix with the other food. If a whole bunch of big ol’ steaks are taking up the entire grill surface, you still have the top shelf for additional grilling space, and you can sauté some asparagus in the side burner, making sure cross-contamination is not.a.problem.
Thermometer on a Kenmore grill
This thermometer is a great addition to the top of the hood. Not only does it make this grill look very “official” it is also the perfect tool to make sure your grill is the right temperature before throwing on your grub, or in some cases, taking it off to serve to your guests.
Sears grill review Kenmore appliance
Possibly one of my favorite parts of the celebrity status grill is the side of the grill that pulls out & doubles as prep table with ONE easy step. This fold-out table is genius and beyond functional. You can set your pre-cooked meats here, lay your tools out, or mix your “rubs” here before slapping them on the meal.
I love that you don’t have to clutter a nearby patio table to do your pre-grill prep, which eliminates the risk of cross contaminating this social space with raw meats or accidental meat juice (too graphic? My apologies to any vegetarians tuning in). When you’re done cookin’, all you have to do is sanitize this prep table and fold it back down. How amazing it that?!
Red Kenmore Grill
But enough mushing & gushing about the new addition to Bridget’s patio, here’s a peek at Casey’s grill.

Casey’s Sears Grill Review

Here’s my fiery red grill from Sears that is fabulous for city grilling (you see the skyline right out there?) This bad boy adds a pop of color to our balcony area, and it fits perfectly in our corner nook.
kenmore grill review
We don’t have a ton of room out there, but there is still plenty of space for our table, 2 chairs, and the grill. Heck yes, baby! I always thought that “city people” could only have a baby-sized grill (ya know the ones that people use at tailgates that fit about 2.5 hamburgers?)…but boy was I wrong!side burner on a kenmore grill
Our Kenmore grill is plenty big and like Bridget’s, it even has a small prep table and side burner. It’s a tad intimidating for me…but it’s the best “toy” my husband-to-be could have ever received. He’s been itching to freeze outside and fire that thing up. But for now, he needs to move aside, as I learn how to work this thing!
Kenmore grill review
Sears grill review
So these are our two new “home accessories” and you better believe that we will be blogging about our adventures in grilling. We’ll also be hitting up this website for plenty of grilling tips, tricks, and recipes, because we need all the help we can get.