Rustic Ikea Shelves

We have slowly been chucking away at our home to-do list and right now our family room is at the top of that list. This room is truly the “heart” of our home and we spend every single day enjoying it. Therefore, it’s the first space I want to finish up.
So far we’ve…
Next on the agenda…add some storage and style to the space!
You see that little corner to the right of the large art piece? Well, it was begging for a little “somethin’ somethin’.” I contemplated finding some more art for the wall, or perhaps hanging a few frames. But I ultimately wanted an area that I could style and constantly change.
I decided to go with some shelves!
Ekby Bjarnum Brackets
I didn’t want anything too fancy, because I didn’t want to distract from the other cool pieces in the room. Instead I wanted something a bit streamlined and industrial, but perhaps with a rustic twist. I also didn’t want to spend very much money on these bad boys.
Hmmmm…inexpensive, contemporary, easily personalized….Ikea was going to be the place for me!
I found the above EKBY BJARNUM brackets and purchased 3 sets. I liked the silver color and contemporary look. I was prepared to head to a hardware store to find some wood, but lucky for me Ikea had untreated wood in the shelving department. Score! I picked up 3 pieces and called it a day. #onestopshopping
Minwax Wood Finish
To get the rustic feel and incorporate some dark wood tones into the space, I stained the wood with Minwax using a clean rag. Once that dried I sealed the wood with wipe-on poly.Wide-Family-Room
Honestly the hardest part about this project was installing the shelves. I shouldn’t say hard…I should say time consuming.
It was just a matter of measuring, leveling, drilling, repeat. I was able to get the three hung in about an hour. (Okay, maybe more like 2 hours…I was catching up on some of my favorite shows at the time, so that slowed things down a tad.)
Rookie Tip: If you’re not drilling directly into studs, make sure you use wall anchors. It’s just a matter of using your drill bit to create a hole, tapping an anchor in there with a hammer, and then using the drill to screw the bracket on. Time consuming…but worth it in the long run!
I really love how they turned out! It adds the right amount of style and personality to the corner.Canvas-and-shelvesShelf-Details

I’m also really happy we went with three shelves instead of two. When it comes to decorating, always group in odd numbers. Think 3’s & 5’s, instead of 2’s and 4’s. Trust me on this one.

I have a feeling I will constantly be arranging and rearranging our new shelves. But that’s okay. I’m in love and our family room is really coming together!
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  • Clare @ Fitting It All In

    Casey these look INCREDIBLE! Way better than I even imagined – great job!

    • Clare, you are (as always) way too kind! Thanks so much girl. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas break.

  • Clare @ Fitting It All In

    Casey these look INCREDIBLE! Way better than I even imagined – great job!

  • Clare, you are (as always) way too kind! Thanks so much girl. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas break.

  • Anonymous

    Late to the game here but did you use the 11” brackets or the the 7″ ones? Love this! Thanks, Carrie 🙂

  • Ramya

    Just looked at all of your pics from the house tour, so tastefully decorated, I love all the clean and modern features, knick knacks and most of all your balcony is gorgeous, hope you are enjoying your view in summer, do wish to live in the city. I live in the nw suburbs and liking it here, but I love to walk around downtown and taste Chicago food every now and then esp in summer. Have fun. Enjoyed your blog and will bookmark it.

    • Thank you for the kind words Ramya! Yes, it is wonderful being in the city and we’ve definitely been loving our small balcony area. Hope you get to make it to the city more this summer!


  • Katie

    Can you tell me how far apart you spaced the shelves? I’m trying to emulate this but want to get it right! Thanks 🙂

    • Katie,
      I would say ours are about 14 inches apart. But seriously, do whatever works for you and your space! I chose that measurement based on what I wanted to put on the shelves and the height of those items.

      Good luck. We’d love to see the finished product!


  • Cory

    Really love this. I’m not a big fan of ikea in general but they are really impressive when done right. This is perfect.

  • kasia

    did you hang the shelves onto studs in the wall or just drilled them into the drywall?

    • Kasia,
      Our studs were not in a good place for the shelves to line up evenly on the wall, so instead I used heavy-duty anchors. It’s always best (& sturdiest) to drill directly into studs. But if you can’t, use anchors that will hold the proper weight for what you want to sit on your shelves.

      Good luck!

  • Kristine

    Love this. So inspiring. May I ask what color the walls are? My walls are in need of a face lift … Thank you

    • Kristine,
      The walls are called “Passive” SW7064 by Sherwin Williams. I love the color…it’s a great light gray with bluish undertones.

      As for the whale…it was actually a wood statue from a thrift store that I spray painted white. So sorry!

      Good luck with the face lift!


  • Kristine

    Last question … Where did you get those adorable white whales?