Top 10 Unique Tips & Tricks for fellow Brides

Plain & Simple: Here are the top 10 random tips I have for fellow brides (with a little sneak peek of our big day)….
These happy newlyweds hold up a handmade pallet sign on their wedding day.

1. Do as much as you can in advance
If you feel like it’s too early to start dress shopping, choosing invites, buying bridesmaids’ gifts, or doing wedding DIY, it’s NOT! The sooner the better is quite the understatement as far as this bride is concerned. If you have some free time, get to work!! You’ll thank yourself later… trust me. 

Buying stamps ahead of time for your wedding invites and thank you's is a money saving tip.

2. Buy Forever stamps now!!
The price of stamps are going up next week, so my advice to you: stock up now! Buy enough Forever stamps for your invitations, shower thank you’s, bachelorette thank you’s, and even your wedding thank you’s so you can save a few bucks and skip any extra trips to the post office. Plus, costs don’t seem as hard to swallow in wedding planning when they’re spaced out. Once you get closer to the wedding and money feels like it’s flying out the window, you’ll be happy your splurged early! 

This fun wedding photo in a class room is funny because the bride is a teacher.

3. Address your shower/bachelorette thank you note envelopes prior to the party
I know this sounds crazy, but trust me when I say this was one of the best decisions I ever made. Writing thank you’s is definitely time consuming and to me, half the battle is addressing those puppies. By pre-addressing each envelope in advance, the thank you card process is cut in half and seems a lot less daunting! Plus, it helps to make sure you didn’t miss anyone!

This cute groom's gift with dress socks and shoes is funny.

4. Designate a spot in your home for wedding “stuff” and don’t fight it
Yup, weddings come with “stuff”… lots and lots of STUFF. Stuff for your outfit, stuff for his outfit, stuff for the ceremony, stuff for the reception, stuff left over from the shower, stuff that hasn’t been put away from the bachelorette party, stuff for your wedding party, stuff for the rehearsal dinner and even stuff that may or may not make the cut for the big day… (still deciding on that kind of stuff). Regardless of what kind of stuff you’re working with, don’t fight it. Accept all of the stuff and the mess or clutter that stuff brings and don’t fight it! Rest assure that the stuff will eventually find it’s home after the wedding and in the meantime, it’s exactly where it’s supposed to be- piled up in your extra bedroom embarrassing you whenever guests come over. 

This group of bridesmaids is uniquely wearing white on the big day.

5. Be careful picking your invitation envelopes- size is money
Yup, when you are picking invitations, there typically isn’t a disclaimer that says “90% of these invitations costs more than one stamp so don’t buy me”. Although, as far as I’m concerned… there should be!! The size of the invitation (and envelope) is everything. So if you’re on a rookie budget, do your research before you pick your invites and make sure the envelopes don’t require extra postage. (Not a cool wedding surprise for the bride-to-be)

These groomsmen pose with a fun gold frame on the wedding day.

6. Choose your usher carefully
The usher has the hardest, most thankless jobs of the day. Allocating tips, communicating to vendors, passing out ceremony pamphlets with a smile, unrolling the runner, you name it- the ushers are doing it! Make sure you choose carefully and you won’t have to worry about a thing!

This fun wedding couple picture in a library is whimsical.

7. Make a Pinterest board of photo ideas for your photographer
This will help you and your photographer have a similar vision walking into your day. It’s a great way to identify your own style and expectation for the day while also communicating that same style to the photographer. For extra credit: Make a list of “Must Have”, “Would like to have” and “Don’t need” pictures to share with the photographer as well. 

This elegant wedding table setting features gold plates and silk napkins.

8. Call all of your vendors to confirm, ask questions, give directions
During the week of your wedding, call ALL of your vendors to personally confirm the details of the big day. Times, directions, addresses, specific tips, questions- cover everything because this may be the only time you actually get to talk to these professionals. (As much as you think you may have time to catch them on your wedding day to give them tips or ask last minute questions- don’t count on it) 

These silver detailed teacups add elegance to the wedding's table decor.

9. Get your engagement ring cleaned before the wedding and don’t wear it until the Rehearsal dinner or wedding
Because who doesn’t want their ring to be extra sparkly on the big day? Your jeweler should be available to do this… hopefully even for FREE! 

This happy bride poses with her bridesmaids and a large gold frame.

10. Perspective is everything. Life goes on after your wedding so make sure you are good to the people around you as you prepare (and they help you prepare) for your big day!
Yes, a wedding is extremely important, but the people in your life after your wedding are far, far more important. Keep this in mind when you’re preparing for your big day. Make sure you make them feel special, appreciated, and honored to be a part of your day…. because when it’s all said & done, it’s all about your new +1 and those important people that made it all possible. 

I hope these random tips help you prepare for your big day just a little more. Whether it’s saving you a few extra bucks, keeping your stress levels a little lower than before, or making you feel just a little less overwhelmed by the endless demands that come with planning a wedding, every little bit helps! Happy planning fellow brides!

Tune in tomorrow to see Bridget’s venue all dressed up for her big day!