World’s Worst Closet: Update

You guys remember our self-proclaimed “World’s Worst Closet” back from my new apartment tour, right?

World's worst closet

It was too narrow to hang a long closet rack to hang coats (as you see in most every closet). Instead, it had two small shelves so you could smash in a few coats on each side.

Well, today I’m going to give you an update on how we made that teeny, tiny, narrow space work to fit all most of our coats and shoes.

World's worst closet update
We didn’t do anything revolutionary. Instead, we made a few small tweaks and a few small purchases so we could make this space work for us.
Front hall coat closet
The first thing we did was move up those two small shelves so we would have much more space on the bottom of the closet.  We simply unscrewed them and drilled them up a few inches higher. This allowed us room to hang up our coats and fit in 2 dozen pairs of shoes.
Shoe rack
We were a bit perplexed as to how we could organize a good chunk of our shoe collection, without it turning into a big heap on the floor of the closet. Many shoe organizers were way too wide for this narrow space.
Luckily, we found these shoe racks from The Container Store.  We simply took one shoe rack and divided it in half, so we could have two smaller racks right next to one another. Not only were these racks narrow enough for the closet, but we were also able to customize the number of shelves. We took out some of the bottom shelves so we could fit tall boots and larger shoes down below.
The container store shoe rack
It doesn’t hold both of our shoe collections, but it’s still incredibly functional and keeps our master bedroom closets free from too many shoes.
Coats hanging in closet
The wire shelves not only hold our coats, but also have a tad more storage up top.
Wicker basket
There is room for a wicker basket on each side. Those babies hold all kinds of winter gear like gloves, mittens, scarves, and hats. All of which have come in handy this winter season in freezing cold Chicago!
Front closet and bookshelf
So there you have it! A somewhat boring post about what’s going on behind our closed closet door. I know many of you had some great suggestions for me when I originally posed our “world’s worst closet” problem, and I used many of those ideas while we came up with this solution.
Thanks for being so helpful my fellow rookies. We’ll see you back here on Thursday for one of our regularly scheduled DIY craft projects.
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  • Emily

    LOVE the Wausau Brewing Co. box! I am currently living in Wausau and was wondering where you got it?

  • Emily…what a small world! My fiancé and I only lived there for about a year, but we absolutely loved it. It was such a wonderful and beautiful place.
    I’m not sure the exact name of the shop, but it is in the downtown area on the west side of the square. I think it is right next door to that diner?? It’s just a little antique/resale shop and they have a lot of cool treasures in there.

    I hope you can find one! I’m so happy to know we have a Wausau reader!

  • Alysia @ Slim Sanity

    I’m from Waupaca, which is less than an hour I think away form Wausau 🙂

    Yes, totally stalking your blog today. Needing to catch up 🙂