Bye Bye Beige in the Bathrooms

When we moved into our Chicago pad, we decided to paint the entire place with a fresh coat of gray. Well…I shouldn’t say entire place. We did most of our new condo, but decided to forgo the bathrooms.  Just because bathrooms can be very difficult to paint…I mean c’mon…who wants to crawl behind the toilet so they can brush it with some paint? Ew…not me.
But after living in our place for three months, I decided that it was time to tackle our bathrooms. I just couldn’t stand them any longer. Take a look for yourself at the gross before…
Bathrooms before
boring beige bathroom
Okay, it’s not terrible. But it isn’t great either! It was this kinda shiny beige color and it was just very…”blah.”
Beige paint
Plus, I felt like it was just beige, on top of beige, on top of beige. Nothing was pure white, instead it all just looked kinda dirty.
Double towel bars
I also had a really weird towel bar situation going on. For some reason there were 2 towel bars installed above the toilet. Weird, right? I knew that if I painted the bathroom, I could get rid of one of them and it would look a lot more normal above our porcelain throne.
bye bye towel bar
So I decided to take 1 day, suck it up, and just get them done! First on my to-do list, get rid of the towel bar! I unscrewed the bottom one off and pulled that sucker off. It felt great.
I then whipped out some spackle and got to work filling in the holes that were left behind. I sanded the area down, spackled it up, waited until it dried, and then sanded it down again.
Spackled holes
Spackling is very easy and I promise you can do it. If you’re a spackling newbie read this article for some tips and tricks.
painting edges painter's tape
Once the holes were filled, I unscrewed all of the outlet covers and got to work taping. Taping is by far my least favorite part of the painting process. But, it is the most essential part of the job. Don’t forget to tape the ceiling so you don’t accidentally get any paint up there.
Lucky for me, my mom decided to come help me paint our two bathrooms. With both of us working we were able to get it all done in less than 4 hours. Pretty good if you ask me! Our system is someone edges with a brush, while the other is the designated roller. We flew through both rooms in no time at all, with two coats of our paint color.
Here are the “after” shots. No more beige baby!
Bathroom after edited
Sherwin Williams Passive
The color is Sherwin William’s “Passive” and it is the same color we have in our main room. We had tons of paint leftover, so we decided it was easiest to just continue with that color in the bathrooms. It looks a little blue in these photos, but it is actually a light gray. I’m a big fan…
Bathroom accessories
Bathroom Paint colors
Shelving Unit
I’m happy that I finally decided to take on these two rooms. It was worth it to crouch down and paint behind the toilet, because now I can say “Bye bye beige!”
perfume and jewelry
My bathroom is now feeling much less blah, and much more glam…all thanks to a little paint!
Casey DIY Playbook
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  • LOVE this makeover! I agree – bathrooms that are all beige are so “BLAH”, as you say! I like the “Passive” color. And all your accent pieces add such a nice touch!

  • No more BLAH! Hooray!

  • KristyDoyle

    See, THIS is the color I was going for in my bathroom reno, but I went too light and it turned out white. I still think it looks pretty good, may go darker later:

  • It looks fantastic! I love gray, but it is sometimes so hard to get it the way you want! I feel like our grays are all a little too blue. Your bathroom looks amazing….love the accessories!

  • KristyDoyle

    You both have been a huge inspiration for me. I love the blog!

  • runningtall

    Ahh this is almost exactly the color I want to paint my house this spring. I have a semi-nautical theme going throughout the house and think a light grey with my white crown modeling/baseboards would look way better than the light brown walls that were there when we moved in! PS where are those stud earrings from in that last picture? Love!

  • Aw thanks girl. This really is a great color..definitely recommend it. I love the earrings too, but sadly they were a gift so I’m not exactly sure where they’re from.