Master Bedroom Picture Ledges

I’m taking an unofficial poll here…

How many of you are totally TV in the bedroom people? I’m talking that bad boy is on your dresser, you watch your favorite shows in bed, and you fall asleep to it on every night. (I’m guessing maybe a majority??)

Now, how many of you say “no way” to a television in the boudoir? Perhaps you’re more of a TV in the family room type group?

Well..we’ve recently switched over to the “no TV in the bedroom” camp. Yep. It happened, and we haven’t looked back.

See we were barely ever watching our television in the bedroom. The only time it was ever really used was when I would watch the news in the morning as I got ready for work. Seemed kinda silly to have a huuuge black box on our dresser, to be used only 30 minutes a day. So we sold that sucker and we were then left with a very bare, very sad looking bedroom dresser area.

Decorating Picture Ledges: Bedroom Dresser Before | DIY Playbook

I did my best to accessorize and stage the area, but it still needed a little somethin’ somethin’.

Decorating Picture Ledges: Need some more height here | DIY Playbook

No matter what I put on the dresser, everything just looked puny on the big gray wall. I knew that I was in need of some serious height to draw the eye up and away from that large, dark, piece of furniture.

I didn’t want to create another gallery wall, because we have one we love in our hallway. Instead, I decided that I should use the same picture ledge frames that I used for my brother’s record wall.  That way I could still incorporate some of our favorite pictures and “art” into our master bedroom, and I could easily change out each frame whenever I wanted.

Our New Picture Ledges

One quick trip to Ikea, (okay who am I kidding, it’s never quick. There’s just so much pretty stuff to gaze at…) and I was all set to tackle this project.

Side note: West Elm also sells some beautiful picture ledges.

Decorating Picture Ledges: : Picture Ledge wall | DIY Playbook

I picked up 2 white picture ledges and a wide variety of black and white frames. I hemmed and hawed over going all black, or going all white, but ultimately I decided to do the two-tone look. It worked out great and I was able to pull from a wide variety of frames that we already owned.

Decorating Picture Ledges: Bedroom Picture wall | DIY Playbook

Just as I did for my brother’s record wall, I used wall anchors and screws to get these up and secure. It didn’t take me more than 30 minutes with my power drill. Honestly, the hardest part was figuring out how to arrange the frames, and then what to put inside each one!

Decorating Picture Ledges: Framed save the date | DIY Playbook

I ended up filling each frame with an assortment of meaningful items. Above I have some cool vintage keys, a Chicago greeting card, and I also framed one of our save the dates (you can read more about those right here).Decorating Picture Ledges: Scrabble Wall art | DIY Playbook
Here’s some scrabble wall art that I made a few years ago. It’s traveled along with us from place to place, and it somehow always finds a place in our home. We’re big gamers and this shows off our competitive spirit.

Decorating Picture Ledges: Framed letter | DIY Playbook

Now this is by far my favorite piece on the wall. It is actually an old letter written by my great-grandmother. This year for Christmas, my grandma made each of the grandchildren a book of letters from her mom. It’s over 50 pages long and it is all handwritten. In it, she outlines her entire life…from her childhood in the 1890’s, up until she wrote these letters in 1981. I read it cover to cover right away. I laughed, I cried, I loved every single minute of it. It is a gift I will treasure forever and I wanted to display one small piece of it in our home. So, I chose my favorite page and framed it for this wall.

Decorating Picture Ledges: Ikea picture ledge and frame | DIY Playbook

I have a few other fun things up there and it is still constantly changing. I love that I can just change out a picture, a print, or an art piece, anytime inspiration strikes.

Decorating Picture Ledges: Picture frame wall | DIY Playbook

Even though our television is gone, this wall is still plenty entertaining. It’s filled with our favorite memories and some of the best times from our lives…and to us, it doesn’t get any better than that.

P.S. I also added these picture ledges to our new home over our desk. Come check out our office space in our bedroomDecorating Picture Ledges: It makes for a cute and organized office | DIY Playbook