Organizing Grill Supplies

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sears grill
Grilling season is right around the corner in the Chicagoland area (okay maybe not right around the corner…but these girls can dream, right?!), and we cannot wait! Both Casey and I have been practicing our grilling skills (thanks to these amazing grills) and it was time to get our grill accessories & patio paper-ware organized.
bbq tools
No doubt, there are a lot of tools and patio accessories that go hand-in-hand with grilling and outdoor entertaining. Keeping all of this “stuff” organized and in one spot will help make sure you don’t forget to use those adorable napkins or you won’t go out and buy more plastic silverware when you already have some hiding somewhere else in the house. Although it may not be patio season just yet, it’s never too early to get organized (& excited!) for the upcoming festivities.
thrift store box
I scored this $3 wooden box at a local thrift shop. It was the right price and seemed like the perfect size to hold all of my backyard goodies.
dragon lid
One problem …the lid. “Dragons Krystal Wars” was not the look I was going for to organize my grilling accessories.
blue green ikat
My solution to this? Reupholstering the lid. I bought this outdoor ikat fabric from JoAnn and cut it a little larger than the Dragon lid.
Using a knife, I cut the padding to the size of the lid as well.
lid padding
reupholstering supplies
From there, all I needed to do was wrap the fabric and staple it onto the bottom side of the lid.
ikat fabric blue and green
fabric and ring
staple gun
grill box
In no time, there was no more trace of Dragon warfare, and I was left with a trendy little box that was ready to be filled with lots of summer essentials.
patio and grill tools
bbq corn holders
patio plates
vera bradley napkins
I used an old container I had laying around the house to hold some of the napkins and these corn holders (if that’s even what they are?). Putting the “small” stuff in their own container helps keep the box far more organized and less cluttered.
patio box
Then, I put the remaining plastic silverware, grill tools, napkins, plates, and drink container into the box…all very neatly of course.
grill tools
grilling acessories
organized grill box
With this ikat lid, you can’t even tell what is in the box, which is my favorite part of this storage solution. The box is extremely functional, but can be used as a decorative piece in the house or even on the patio in a few months. I will eventually spray the fabric with scotch guard, just in case it ends up outside for good. For now, I’m feeling far more organized & ready to welcome some warm weather to get grilling!
reupholstered lid
top of ikat
ikat lid
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