Shampoo Solution

If you don’t already think so, this post may convince you that I have officially gone off the deep end. And you know what, I don’t really blame you.
However, if you live in a ONE BATHROOM place, you may just see my point.
When you live in a ONE BATHROOM space, your bathroom sees far more traffic than it ever should. Yup, guests are using the same bathroom (only because it’s the ONLY bathroom) that you live in, you get ready in, you shower in, and you need to make work each and everyday. Not ideal.
If I had the leisure to have a separate bathroom for my guests, I’m sure this would be a different story. I would fill that bathroom with pretty basics that are simple, attractive and that’s probably all I would put in there. But guess what? When you have to function in this bathroom everyday, the basics are NOT going to cut it. Pretty bottles that are simple and attractive are far from reality. You need real and REAL is not always pretty & simple. Well, until now that is….
And that’s where these ugly shower bottles come in. When guests come over and use the same bathroom that we do on an everyday basis, I hate that the (exposed) shower is cluttered with bottles that are unattractive and disorganized.
I know, I know… I could just put them under the sink or in the linen closet when people stop by, but how annoying?! That’s when I decided to give these bottles a makeover. (Yup, and this is where I fall off the deep end.)
Project: Simplify & Prettify.
Step 1: Peel off the labels of each bottle (but don’t get them confused in the meantime).
Step 2: trace simple numbers on the bottles that indicate what bottle you should use FIRST and which you should use SECOND.
If you look closely, you can see the lightly traced number.
Outline your template and color each number in.
Before long, you are left with two bottles that are sleek, clean, simple and most importantly LESS cluttered!
When guests peek in your shower (cause yes, I know you do), they will see clean, simplified bottles.
As far as I’m concerned, this simplified look fits the feel of our bathroom far better. Plus, it’s super functional because now I don’t have to physically pick up the bottles to see which is shampoo and which is conditioner. I simply keep them in their places and pump each bottle accordingly, #1 first and #2 second. Go figure?
Lucky for me, the built in window blocks water from touching these bottles. I did a little experiment on another bottle and noticed that the permanent marker I used is NOT water resistant on this surface. So, if your bottles are going to come in contact with water, you may need to use a different tool to color in your labels. If you find one that is completely waterproof, let us know!! We’d love to share your findings with all of our fellow rookies.
So yes, I made over my shower bottles, and yes I plan to continue to use these containers over and over again, and yes, I may or may not have officially gone off the deep end. But hey, if I’m headed off the deep end… I hope there’s less clutter and more than one bathroom wherever I end up!
Any tips on waterproofing materials or what marker/paint may work better for this project?

  • Clara

    I don’t know what would be a waterproof alternative, but I love this idea, so cute!

  • Thanks so much Clara! We will keep looking for an answer to waterproof them and update the post if we find something!

  • Haha this is clever! I completely understand the one-bathroom thing; I always feel the need to compulsively clean/tidy/hide/rearrange my toiletries when guests come over. It’s amazing how re-vamping the bottles makes it look that much nicer!