IKEA Hack: Rustic Shelves Revisited

Back to see where yesterday’s greeting card art ended up? Answer: Our new & improved GUEST ROOM! A few weeks ago, I shared this updated mirror in the guest room:
Thanks to Casey’s tutorial and inspiration, my work didn’t stop there. I hacked some of my very own IKEA Ekby Shelves to add even more color & personality to our guest room.
Remember the chair makeover we did using milk paint a few weeks ago? That FREE treasure ended up right here in our guest room too! Love the pop of color and loads of function it offers to the room… talk about a cozy reading nook that our guests (or me) can enjoy!
The shelves just by themselves are great. They are rustic and add a little more decor compromise to this otherwise kind of girly space. I bought the brackets at IKEA and bought some cheap wood at Home Depot (which they cut for FREE) to create the shelves. IKEA offers shelf material in gorgeous stainless steel, white and even wood, but I liked that if I bought my own wood, I could stain it to match the DIY mirror we recently added. Having the shelves match the mirror just allowed the whole room to flow better.
Now, let’s break down the treasures on these shelves.
The recently purchased the vase set at Target. The marble box is from HomeGoods’ clearance section. 

The books I had laying around the house from various garage sales, estate sales, or even being sold for less at libraries in the area. You can read my tips on styling/buying books here. The whale was an old treasure from Kohl’s.

The blue tin was an old purchase from IKEA and the Chicago print was FREE from the waterlogue app. The watercolor print goes perfectly with the colors of the space while also adding some local Chicago pride. (We’ll have more details about that Chicago print coming real soon…along with a downloadable printable!)

This amazing nautical-inspired bookend was a HomeGoods purchase.
Behind this adorable Target turtle is one of my favorite bookshelf pieces. It’s another watercolor print from waterlogue. It’s a picture of our house and I love what the app did to it. I seriously can’t say enough about that amazing app. Plus, I printed both watercolors for FREE, which makes decorating with these images even better!
I like how the colors are relaxing yet still lively and “fun”. The pops of spring color on the chair bring in some of the accents on the shelf and tie the whole space together.
Yesterday’s greeting card tutorial explained this $3 treasure.
The globe is from a garage sale and the snail is another Target treasure.
Overall, the space has really come a long way! Casey’s IKEA hacked shelves totally inspired me to try some for myself and I’m so glad I did! I think the whopping total of the shelving came out to be under $45.
The guest room is finally off of the to-do list (well at least until I have a new idea). Here’s an up-to-date tour of the space…
IKEA HACK shelves
For now, I’m moving on from the guest room and starting to tackle our not-so functional office. I’m challenging myself to step outside my comfort zone and try a new “look”. We’ll see how that goes…. Once I make some progress in that scary space, I’ll have all the details for you guys.

  • caitl1n .

    that nightstand! I am drooling. where did you get it?

  • World Market!! I’m pretty sure they still have them…. Good luck!

  • caitl1n .

    They probably don’t now that I have seen this! I will find it though!

  • Caitlin, I actually saw that exact same nightstand at World Market yesterday! So you’re in luck. Go find it girl!

  • Kayla

    Were you able to fine the right depth/thickness of wood at Home Depot or is the wood a little loose? I looked today and wasn’t able to find it. Thanks!

    • Kayla,
      We’ve done this project a couple times. One time we purchased the raw wood with the brackets at Ikea. These fit the brackets perfectly. The other time we used wood from home depot and it didn’t fit quite perfectly…but only less than an inch off. It won’t move around when you drill the small holes into the wood on the underside of the bracket. It will stay secure even if it doesn’t fit exactly.
      So hopefully this helps!

      B & C