Hidden Jewelry Organizing on a Budget

I’m not a girl who typically wears much jewelry. On a good day, you’ll probably see me rocking my wedding ring, possibly a watch (if you’re lucky), & that’s about it. But on a few rare occasions, I have been known to rock a statement necklace or two… not at the same time though. Why am I telling you this? I promise this is going somewhere.
Because I don’t wear much jewelry, I don’t really have a need for a fabulous organizer like Casey’s. Although hers is dripping in fanciness and does make me want to bedazzle myself from head-to-toe… I just don’t have a need (or room) for an organizer like hers. However, that doesn’t mean I still don’t need an organized home for my few beloved gems.
My necklaces used to be a tangled up mess on the bottom of my make-up bag, but now that I’ve invested a whopping $6 + tax on my new hidden organizing system, I haven’t been victim to that headache in a while.
Now, the 6 or 7 statement necklaces secretly live on the side of my tiny closet without getting tangled or taking up much space. I invested in these 3 octopus-looking hooks from Home Depot for a whopping two bucks each and used the nails that they come with to hang them on the side of my closet. These magical hooks hold my jewelry collection out of sight (and sometimes out of mind…oops). The whole project probably took about 7 minutes to complete start to finish.
Although I only have three hooks right now, there is no reason that I couldn’t easily add a few hooks if I acquire some new statement jewels in my future. In the meantime, these three hooks are the best six bucks I’ve ever spent!
 How do you organize your jewelry?!