Laundry Room PROGRESS

Our laundry room doesn’t get a whole lot of attention here on the DIY Playbook. Although it’s screaming for some DIY help, I just haven’t had the time (or desire) to tackle the amount of work that this tiny space demands. Other than a few coat hooks we hung up right when we moved in, the laundry room hasn’t gotten any real DIY attention.
Right now the space looks like this…
Clutter… check! Rust colored cabinets finished in high gloss… check! Little room for folding… check! Wasted space… check! 
Here’s what I’m NOT loving about this space:
– The orange, glossy cabinets. Wow, do I dislike these puppies. They came with the house and actually were the original kitchen cabinets before the home was remodeled. (yikes) I like that they offer storage, but they are FIRST on the to-do list when the weather breaks. 
– Not having space to fold on top of the wash machine and dryer 
– The wasted space behind the washer and dryer… awkwardddd
– The ugly cords that make this space look more cluttered than it actually is 
– The crooked electrical outlet box
So as much as I wish I could strip the cabinets and start over… right NOW, that’s just not an option (oh winter, how parts of you Matt loves so much). While I count down to spring & the chance to paint these babies FRESH, I’ve decided to add a little shelving to get rid of that awkward space behind the machines, which will give me more space to fold on top of the dryer.
Casey introduced us to this same exact shelf a few weeks back and I could not help myself from falling in love. When I saw that they offered the same shelf as her in stainless steel, it was a no-brainer to add it to our laundry room disaster zone. It was the perfect way to get rid of that awkward space behind the washer (no more rogue socks falling back there!) and it added some extra storage.  Man oh man, this made me excited to fold laundry because I could actually do it on top of the machine again. 

With the shelf up, all that was left on my “short list” of laundry room improvements was to somehow hide that cord ugliness.

I figured a no-sew curtain just might do the trick!

These are my curtain supplies. I found them all at JoAnn’s and HomeDepot and spent less than $25 on the makeover. Plus, I didn’t need a sewing machine to tackle this “curtain” which made the supplies worth every penny.

This package cost me like $4 and did the job perfectly. With a little measuring and a hot iron, you can make a finished edge in no time! (This is very similar to the way Casey hemmed her long Ikea curtains in this post)

Oh, and here’s an old rod I found in my closet that used to hold towels in the bathroom. I have no clue why I kept it, but boy am I glad I did! Free curtain rod… check!

I screwed this into the bottom of the cabinet (sadly, I couldn’t find a silver alternative… so for now, gold it is).

I slid the old rod through the hooks and was left with my soon-to-be curtain rod.

I liked that it just barely peeked out from the front of the cabinets.

I added the JoAnn clips & got to work on the curtains. I’ll let the pictures do the talking. My only advice: Follow the directions and make sure you have a hot iron.

About a half hour and some tedious measuring later, I was so excited to put this curtain up and give those ugly cords some serious PRIVACY!

The space isn’t perfect, but it’s making some progress. The Ikea shelf offers some extra storage and gives us more space on top of the machines to fold. The cords are now hidden and the crooked electrical outlet is out of sight out of mind… thank goodness.

I still dislike the orange cabinets (a lot), but I’m glad that they’re there for storage. Once spring comes and they get a little DIY Playbook makeover, I’m sure I will appreciate the function (& look) much more. Until then, the mini update is gonna have to do…

Now that I know what size the shelf is, I’ll be on the lookout for more appropriate boxes/laundry room function to add to area. For now, what I have works just fine…
It may not be much, but to me, this mini makeover will get me through until we say bye-bye to those gross orange cabinets. Oh the little things…
 laundry room makeover
Help! Any tips on how to upgrade this space even more (besides the cabinets of course)? I need all the advice I can get! This tiny space is one tough cookie to crack! 

  • Katie

    Hi Bridget! If you clamp down on the fabric about an inch or two down (from the inside of the curtain if that makes sense) it’ll totally hide the hook and the inch gap between rod and fabric if you’re interested! I commented on Casey’s curtains post about the same thing because I never knew until my mom told me 🙂

  • Katie

    Oh, also…you could leave the door off of the middle cabinet when you go to paint/stain and have it as open shelving with some pretty paper or design in the back.

  • Thank you so much Katie!! What a great idea & thanks for the tip!! =)

  • shulie

    cord not chord

  • Susan

    Until you can repaint the cabinets, you can always just use contact paper on it 😀 I’ve done it before in an emergency.

  • Great idea, Susan! Those darn cabinets are such an eye-sore that I cannot put them off any longer. They are officially on the top of the to-do list. =)