Let there be light

Believe it or not, this is NOT a sponsored post. Although it seems as though I may be sponsored by Lowe’s by the amount of times I refer to Lowe’s in this post, the truth is that I really just love the lights at Lowe’s and am not affiliated whatsoever. I wish I received free fixtures in exchange for this post, but that is not the case. Now, back to your regularly scheduled post… 
Much awaited, much anticipated, much appreciated… we finally have NEW LIGHTS!
No more $11 boob-lights around here, thank goodness! You don’t know how excited we were to get rid of the lights we have all around our home, ones that all resemble an inappropriate part of the female anatomy:
…while replacing them with far more appropriate alternatives, none of which resemble any body parts! Allow me to introduce you to the new & improved light fixtures we now have sprinkled around our home.
(In an announcer’s voice): Coming in as a silver pendant from Lowes.com, this charming nautical/industrial light has officially moved into our master bedroom to stay. Costing a total of $109, he was a bit pricey but worth every penny, bringing more welcomed nautical inspiration to the space. A round of applause for our lead-off light….

Coming in next, we have another silver pendant light costing a whopping $29.99! This playful fixture was picked up from Lowe’s and complements the bright & airy look of the guest bedroom. Available in red as well, we went with the silver and haven’t looked back. Again, let’s hear it for fixture #2 and its super affordable price-tag!

Next up, we have a light that takes us out of our comfort zone and into the office. Thanks to Lowe’s once again, this bronze bubble displays hints of industrial, while exposing an antique looking bulb that gives off a warm & dim tint at night. Coming in at $119, we love the look & really love the fact that we challenged ourselves to get a little (and yes, just a little) light crazy.

And rounding out our team of fixtures, we have our clean-up hitter and team MVP. Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce you to the charming light that now lives in our dining room!

(Cut the announcer voice) This bronze gem is possibly one of my favorites of the house, only because it makes such a significant difference. Yes, it was a little pricey coming in just under $200, but it definitely brings a much welcomed “finished” look to the space. With the previous boob light, I was never a huge fan of the dining room and always felt like it was missing something. Not that I think I completely fulfilled this void with one fixture, but I do think we are finally heading in a direction I’m content with…for now.

We love the industrial pipe look and equally love the clear glasses that complement the fixture’s masculinity. It’s definitely a nice design compromise between me and the Mr.

I do have a few more ideas in mind to spruce up the dining room, but for now… the light allowed us to make some serious progress in the right direction! We are OBSESSED with our new team of lights and can’t believe how much of a difference they make throughout the house. Once and for all, we have officially bid farewell to those dang boob lights and welcomed a far more appropriate team of lights, none of which resemble an inappropriate body part.

  • Laura

    Love your dining room light fixture. You mentioned Lowes – can you tell me the manufacturer so I can look it up? thanks!

    • Thanks Laura. It’s from Lowe’s and the manufacturer is Allen + Roth.

  • LeeAnn Howard

    We have this light picked out for our dining room and the other Allen + Roth lights that match it for our kitchen.. building a house now… Can you tell me if you are happy with the lighting that it gives off for an evening or late night in the dining room? Or do you think it needs a change of light bulbs?

    • So excited for you!! The light fixture that we have (with the vintage bulbs) definitely gives off more “mood lighting” and not so much of a bright, functioning light. We have bright light in the kitchen, so we really love the dimmer, more moody light in this space. However, if you’re looking for a bright light, I would DEFINITELY recommend different bulbs. Hope this helps!! Good luck =)

  • No problem! I double measured my fixture and the light is just a bout 36 inches from end to end. I don’t think it would look bad; it would definitely make a statement!