Celebrate Summer FREE Printable

It doesn’t take much to mix up a reason to celebrate around here- and today is no different. In honor of the SUMMER and lots of sunshine to come, we are officially celebrating by sharing this bright & happy FREE printable with you guys today!

Because we can’t reach through the screen and give you a big ol’ HUG for all of the love & support that you show by coming here each and everyday to see what we’re up to… a polka dotted printable seemed like the next best thing. 

We think this pop of cheer can be the perfect addition to a gallery wall, a fun note to stick on a message board, or even a tag to add to your next summer BBQ hostess gift. So regardless of how you use it… we hope you love it and find some time to celebrate all that this gorgeous sunshine has to offer! To download your FREE printable, just click HERE & press PRINT!
Speaking of celebrating sunshine, I am extremely fortunate to have the chance to do A LOT of that lately. As many of you already know, my real job (you know… the one that pays the bills) is being a high school teacher. Thanks to this career choice, I am on summer vacation and soaking up lots of rest, quality time with the hubby (who is also a teacher on summer vacay), quality time with my sisters (both teachers as well) and checking off my DIY/blog to do list a little quicker than usual.
Since I typically don’t talk about my day job here on the Playbook, I thought I would take this chance to give you a crash course on a few random bits of info you may not know about me & my day job.
  1. I work at the same high school where both Casey and I graduated
  2. I pass both Casey’s and my high school locker about once a week
  3. …Still remember the combination (they changed it… I’ve tried)
  4. I work at the same high school as Matt (although our workplace is not his alma mater)
  5. Matt & I met outside of the copy room about 4 years ago. No one at work knew we were dating for at least a year, maybe more. Actually, some colleagues found out we were dating after we were married & some probably still don’t know.
  6. I co-teach with two teachers that I had in high school and I am grateful to work alongside them as a colleague now
  7. I have two Master’s degrees in Education related fields and I never anticipate going back to school … ever again
  8. Casey has come into my class as a guest speaker to talk about her career in broadcast journalism- I couldn’t have been more proud to give this opportunity to my students & allow them to hear her professional words of wisdom.
  9. All of my sisters are also teachers and we all share our summer vacations, winter breaks, spring breaks & school holidays! #luckygirls
  10. I coach varsity girls’ golf every fall
  11. **I am on summer vacation until August and will be CELEBRATING SUNSHINE until then! Although you may not be a teacher & blessed with this generous time off, I still hope you find time to celebrate sunshine this summer too!
Thank you for taking this crazy DIY journey with us each and every day (you have no idea how much it means to us). We wish you all an amazing start of summer and lots of opportunity to celebrate the sunshine all season long. You deserve it!! Xo.