Our Summer Chicago Balcony

Earlier this week, I showed you guys how I re-screened our patio door all by myself. Can you tell I’m proud? Now that we have a working screen door there was no excuse for the sad state of our balcony.
Balcony before
Since we moved here in October, we haven’t been able to fully appreciate this cozy outdoor space. That’s because it was one heck of a winter, and there was no way we were going to freeze our tooshies off out here.  We threw some old patio furniture and a rug out there and called it a day. The only real update the balcony ever received was our new grill.
Well when the temps finally (finally!) turned, it was time to add a little life and color to this dull and dreary balcony.
balcony makeover
Since much of our home is pretty neutral (lots of tan, gray, and small hints of blue) I knew that I wanted to infuse some color into the space. Bring on the pinks, yellows, and bright blues!
Fresh flower pots really helped with my color mission.
flower pot and watering can
I purchased these 2 gorgeous pots and I’m obsessed with the bright fuchsia color. It adds just the right pop of pink to the balcony. I’m hoping my brown thumb doesn’t get in the way of these, because they truly are gorgeous. I’m going to keep watering with my adorable watering can (from Target) and fingers crossed these flowers last all summer long!
pink flowers
red kenmore grill

Our grill is still chilling on the left side of our balcony. The red color doesn’t exactly match my color scheme, but I’m just happy to have a little color and life out here. Plus, this grill has truly been fantastic. We use it all the time and grill a bunch of chicken and veggies every week. I just know we’ll continue to fire this thing up throughout the summertime.

grill supplies
I did purchase a few outdoor accessories from HomeGoods to really brighten up the space. The yellow citronella candle keeps the bugs at bay. Plus it’s nice and heavy, so I can leave it outside and not worry about it blowing over.
pillow and blanket on balcony
The turquoise place mats are a personal fave because they’re sturdy and won’t blow away either! I have some other fabric place mats and they just wouldn’t stay still during windy dinners. These add some fun color, pattern, and texture when I set our bistro table.
The geometric rug brightens up the dull concrete ground, and so far it’s holding up fine in the weather. I wish I would have purchased a slightly larger rug for the space, but I’m just happy to have something out here.
summer pink drink
It’s safe to say I’m in love with our little outdoor oasis. It may be small, but there’s nothing like pouring a summer cocktail and sitting out here to people watch…
chicago skyline view
…and take in the gorgeous city skyline. Cheers to summer!
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