Sentimental Art for FREE!

We are both still grinning from yesterday’s heartfelt post. It was so wonderful chatting with our grandmothers and hearing some of their advice for living a happy, healthy, and long life. In case you missed it, go read their 32 life lessons right here. We promise you won’t be disappointed.
32 life lessons for a long happy life
Because their advice really touched our hearts, we knew that we just had to come up with a way to incorporate their words into our own home decor. All it took was a bit of time in Microsoft Word, and 10 minutes later we had “art” all ready to go.
Framed life lessons
We chose a nice script-like font, and decided against putting their advice in number form, but instead wrote it out like a letter. It’s almost like they’re writing their words directly to us in a handwritten note. Love that.
We simply printed out our document and displayed it in a simple white frame. Personal artwork for free….it just doesn’t get any better than that!
life lessons print
It isn’t super easy to read from far away, but that’s a-okay with us. That way whomever stops to admire this art, can really take a few moments and read these life lessons all the way through to the end.
Pink flowers
framing advice from your grandmother
Since this has been displayed in my home, I often find myself stopping and staring at these words. It’s funny, but I find that different words stick out to me, when I need them the most. I can quickly glance at the frame and just the words that I need at that time of the day pop out to me.
happiness starts with you
Happiness starts with you. <—that’s one of my favorites.
Framed life lessons from family
So here’s your homework…go talk to the important people in your life and ask them for their very own words of advice. Whether it’s your parents, grandparents, or just a close friend whom you admire. You’ll never know what kind of insight they may have about life, and we promise it will be worth it to hear some of their stories.
Then for extra credit (the teacher in B is really coming out here…) type up their words, frame them, and give out these frames to important people in your life. It’s a personal gift that any family member will love. Because passing down stories and advice is what keeps those family traditions alive for generations to come…
Bridget and Casey DIY Playbook