Fake It Til you Make It…

Truth: I don’t always love my decor choices. To be perfectly honest, we’ve been in this house just under 2 years, and I often find myself making a list of things I want to go back & change (don’t tell Matt). Sometimes, I even kick myself for some of the decor choices I’ve made so far. Don’t get me wrong here, of course I’m extremely thankful for what I have, but I think it’s only natural to make mistakes in your first house, change styles half way through, or totally miss the mark. You live and you learn, right? Take my entryway for example…
This is what our entryway looked like when we finally got settled in. At that time I felt like the space needed something other than the 2 large coral frames above the couch to make the entry area its own entity. I chose to put framed photos of Matt’s childhood home, my childhood home and our first home together to make that separation.
At the time, I liked it…. but quickly realized it didn’t offer any function in a place that needed all the function it can get its little hands on. And to be perfectly honest, there was always this looming feeling that this threesome just didn’t “flow” with the room. For awhile I tried to sell myself that it was meaningful and simple, but a year later… I still wasn’t sold.
The space needed function and I needed to ditch the threesome (pretty standard life advice in general… not judging, just sayin’…). Hooks, a shelf, and a piece of art…that’s exactly what this space needed and got!
When this piece of art grabbed my attention in the clearance aisle of HomeGoods… I knew it was time to take action. For $22, how could I say no?! (This specific art took a tad of extra convincing to win over Matt). I sold Matt by convincing him that this piece’s patterns seemed to be the perfect accent to the large framed coral pieces we already had. We could either spend $22 on this piece or change up the large pieces. You can imagine the alternative sounded like a lot of extra work (and shopping!) for the Mr, so he was quickly sold on the charming vintage suit.

I picked up this IKEA shelf for $7.99 (regular price), but had to paint it white with some leftover paint I had at the house. I used the brackets to hang the shelf from on the top side, but you can also flip the shelf around and put the brackets on the bottom for a whole new look! Since the shelf comes in natural wood, the color options are endless! The three hooks are from HomeDepot; I think they were like $3-ish each.

The pillows and striped blanket are also IKEA steals- a fun way to add a little more color, texture and coziness.

Overall, I’m much more content with the new look. It offers A LOT more function (which I love above all), and also makes the whole space “flow” much better. I can’t believe how a tiny $7 shelf can make such a difference in organizing the clutter that comes through the front door. Mail, keys, sunglasses, jackets… everything has a place to call home.

Like I said, I never hated the old look, I just love this one a lot more. I’m glad I finally silenced that looming voice of “just okay” by making some inexpensive changes.

This isn’t my first re-decorating experience, and I can guarantee it won’t be my last. My style, ideas, and our home’s needs are always changing so I guess it’s okay to adjust the decor to reflect these changes. At least that’s what I’m telling myself to feel better!
But let’s be real here…is it just me or are you also feeling like some of your rookie decor decisions need a little extra attention these days? I need some support here!  

  • Tricia

    Beautiful! You have such a talent. I especially love the bench. Is that an old church pew?

    • You are so sweet, Tricia. Thank you so much for your kind words and all of your support!! And yes, it is an old pew that we had refurnished. Ironically, it’s from Dave Reilly’s mom’s quilt shop. She wanted to get rid of it so Dave gave it to us!! We absolutely LOVE it.

      Thanks for stopping by! Hope you’re having a fabulous summer. =)

  • clare @ fitting it all in

    I want you to come decorate my apartment. and my boyfriend’s house. but i’ll need you to do it for free 😉
    ya’ll seriously impress me every time!!!

    • You are too darn sweet!! Hmmm… we’ve never been to Louisville….. #winkwink

  • Thistle

    So awesome to meet you at Haven! (totally love your style)! So happy that we ended up on the same floor!

    Have an amazing day!


    • Karianna,
      It was so great to meet YOU!! We’ve been big fans for awhile now, so it was great to chat with you. You are too darn sweet and so, so welcoming! Thanks for stopping by.

      Bridget & Casey

    • PS. Karianne <– dang autocorrect!!

    • We mean Karianne by the way… #longweek #anditsonlyTuesday #yikes

  • I really love the colors you’re using, and that bikini print is too cute. 🙂 I think this is true with they way most of us decorate our homes. It’s trial and error, and while something might not look horrible, it can always be tweaked and improved. Nice example!

    • Thanks so much for the kind words Sage. Yes…home decorating is definitely a long process of trial and error. But we think that’s what makes it so fun 😉