Patio Inspiration from Allen + Roth

Although it is always gratifying to check off projects from each of our home’s to do lists, we have found that it is far more rewarding (and so much fun) to team up together and help other’s fall more in love with their own homes by lending a helping hand. There’s just something about helping others create a space that they can be extra proud of that makes these two rookies blush. This blog has given us the opportunity to help others by doing what we love and doing it together… for that reason alone, all of the time, the stiff necks, and the addictions to social media are well, well worth it. (Well, at least that’s how we try and sell it to Matt & Finn) #theyrenotbuyingit

But let’s be real here, tackling another family’s space is not always sunshine & smiles. Yes, at the end of the process we’d like to think we left the place a little prettier than we found it, but throughout the actual makeover, we are a bundle of nerves hyped up on too much caffeine. Why? Pressure’s on!

Will the family love our makeover as much as we do?
The homeowners don’t necessarily share our style, will they like our decisions?
Are we hurting their feelings by ditching some of their prized possessions?
Will they even tell us if they hate it? #Probablynot
Is this paint ever going to freakin’ dry? (Sense the frustration?)
Are we going to come in under budget?! 
We will make the deadline? If not, when the hell are we going to find time to coordinate our schedules again?! HURRRYYY!!!!

Taking on someone else’s space is SCARY! But because we love the reaction and the new sense of excitement each of the homeowners have after the fact (well.. so far at least), we try not to get our panties in too much of a bunch and we power through, one coffee & vanilla latte at a time.

So that’s exactly where we are at in the process with today’s Patio Makeover (yikes!). We have decided to team up and take on this patio in order to help the homeowners find the gorgeous outdoor charm that we know this little oasis has to offer.

The space is extremely functional right now, yet needs a little face lift. We promised the homeowners we would keep the function intact but would add a little more personality & a little more color.

We also promised that we would help make this space reflect THEIR style- one that is traditional, a tad rustic, and very warm.

So that’s exactly what we’re doing… choosing patio inspiration that fits the ticket for their space.
allen + roth patio inspiration

We chose to center the style around allen + roth’s patio line at Lowe’s. We think the pieces that allen + roth offer are SPOT ON with the traditional, cozy feel we are striving for in this space. The colors are warm and traditional, yet the pieces also hint very rich and rustic! Since the family spends a lot of quality time sitting around their current round patio table, we decided to go with the round look once again. Other than that, everything else will be getting a new look… because heck, isn’t that what a good before & after is all about?!
We’ll keep you updated on the transformation, of course! If you have any ideas… we’d love to hear them. In the meantime, excuse us while we set our timers and race toward the deadline.
 (Disclaimer: This post in sponsored by Lowe’s. The information and opinions expressed are 100% our own and are not influenced by Lowe’s.)