Bridal Shower Invitations

(Disclaimer: We have partnered with the Etsy Shop, digibuddha, to bring you Casey’s Bridal Shower Invitations. All opinions shared are our own.)
Casey’s getting married in less than 3 months!! After over ten years of dating her handsome high school sweetheart, Casey is taking the plunge and marrying the love of her life (Check out their amazing engagement photos here and here). We can’t wait to shower this bride-to-be with all the love, glitter, and gifts that she can stand. And later this month, we are doing just that… showering Casey with a Mint, Gold & glittered Bridal Shower. And as always, we wanted to keep you all updated throughout the process. To kick things off, here’s a peek into the gorgeous shower Invitations from the amazingly talented best friends behind Digibuddha.
Glitzy gold bridal shower invitations
Glitter and gold themed bridal shower invitations
How adorable are these?! Girly, fun, and so different than Casey’s wedding theme.. I mean I wouldn’t want to steal her thunder (and creative ideas) right before her big day. #MaidofhonorNONO
The duo behind this shop is RIGHT ON trend. You have to check out their amazing work- like +2,000 paper items to choose from…. each item cuter than the last.
Mint, peach, and gold is the color scheme for this bridal shower
This is the color scheme the bridal team is trying to follow for the big par-tay… we’ll see how it turns out. We thought “mint” and “peach” will be fun touches to incorporate into the colors, decor, and even into the signature drink choices. Mint? Peach? Sounds like a classy girls’ night out, right?
Glittery gold and mint bridal shower invitations
Advice for a Happy Marriage bridal shower game
We had such a great time working with the owners behind Digibuddha because they were crazy talented, so timely, and open to ideas and personalized requests. Take these marriage advice cards for example. They just “got” what we were trying to do and came back with a proof that seemed to mirror exactly what we wanted. We stuffed these little tickets into the envelopes alongside the invite itself and can’t wait to see what Casey’s favorite ladies have to tell her about a happy marriage.
The shower is a “no wrap” or “display” shower, meaning guests can save the money, hassle and time it takes to wrap their gifts by bringing them unwrapped. We will then display the gifts for everyone to look at throughout the evening, leaving more time for the bride to enjoy everyone’s company rather than wasting time opening gifts while no one pays attention. (Let’s be real here, I can’t be the only one that doesn’t pay attention… can I?) Anyways, the Marriage Advice cards can accompany the gifts so we know who gave what and can document that for the bride’s records/thank you cards. And as an added bonus, we will compile the handwritten pieces of marriage advice for Casey to treasure throughout her happily ever after. I mean how amazing will it be for her to have the ingredients to a happy marriage from her mom, grandma, favorite aunts and best friends…. forever? I see DIY project written all of that…
Casey's glitzy and gold bridal shower invitations
So yea, Casey’s glamorous party in the making. And because this amazing Etsy Shop made the invitation process so EASY, I have a lot more time on my hands to create some DIYs in honor of the big day. This is my first rodeo as a “maid of honor”, so if you have any gold and glamorous shower ideas for the future Mrs. Finn’s big day… email me!! 😉 Seriously though, please?