Casey’s Custom Wedding Invites

Two months from today, I will walk down the aisle to marry my best friend! I can hardly believe it…October 11th is drawing near and soon I’ll officially be Mrs. Finn.

Luckily, the wedding planning process has been smooth sailing so far. We’re both pretty organized people, and we’ve got lots of spreadsheets and excel files tracking everything for the wedding #nerdalert. Because we’ve been engaged for such a long time (20 months!), we’ve had the opportunity to slowly check off the big items on our wedding to-do list. That way we’re not completely overwhelmed, and we can try to enjoy the whole planning process. So when it came to picking a wedding invitation, we were in no rush to just go with any ol’ invite. Nope, we wanted to enjoy the process and choose something that really fit our theme and budget.

Enter, Sydney from Studio255. We met this creative genius back in November of last year, when she shared some tips to add extra glam to your holiday snail mail. Both Bridget & I ended up sending out holiday cards from her shop, and we instantly fell in love with her adorable designs.

I then used Sydney yet again when it came time to jazz up our Save The Date postcards. She designed a custom stamp for us, and I’ve been stamping away ever since.

So, when it came to choosing a wedding invitation vendor…there was no competition, it was Studio255 all the way. I emailed Sydney, and we scheduled a time to chat over the phone. I told her our budget, theme, and vision for the invites…and right away she understood what we wanted to accomplish. She emailed us about 10 personalized options, and we all worked together to tweak the designs until we settled on the right look for us.

Wedding-Invitations-EnvelopesHere are the final invitations, aren’t they gorgeous? I’m not gonna lie, this was Finn’s big project for the wedding. For some reason he was really into the invitations, so I let him make the big decisions. He wanted something that was easy to read, easy to understand, and invites that weren’t over the top formal. I think he nailed it. Stacked-Gray-Wedding-InvitesWe initially tried out a few color options for the invitations, but nothing ever felt right to us. (In fact, at one point we added purple to the design and Finn said “This looks a little too much like Lent.” Ohhhhh boy.) Our bridesmaids are wearing varying shades of gray and silver, so we decided that this color option would work best for the invitations. Nice and simple.

Vows-Written-on-backWe added a few personal touches to the wording, like when we call out our “love story”. Because our wedding has a subtle theme of “love letters”, we definitely wanted this to be incorporated into the invite, so we also added some script to the back of the invitation. (Fun fact: The subtle, cursive words are actually our vows!)

Cursive-HeartAnother detail Sydney incorporated into the design, is this cursive heart. It was on our wedding stamp, so she carried the same look through and added it to the border of the invitation.

Finally, to keep all of the papers neatly together we added some silvery baker’s twine to the mix. It reminds me of tying up a stack of love letters with string, and I thought it fit the look of the wedding, while adding some texture.

Invitation-Tied-UpMy lovely mother offered to put them all together, and bless her heart she did a fantastic job. I’m one lucky bride to have her on my wedding staff.

Casey-loves-MichaelI could go on and on about our wedding invites, but I don’t want to bore you with details. I’m just thrilled with how they turned out, and I can’t say enough good things about working with Sydney from Studio255. She was organized, efficient, and she dealt with our endless tweaks and modifications to her designs. Hall of Fame Graphics Queen in my playbook. If you’re looking for custom invites (or even just a cute address stamp!)…go to her. Seriously, you won’t regret it.

Gray-Wedding-InvitesBut the very best part about our wedding invites…

They were light enough to only need 1 stamp to ship! Woo woo! It’s the little thing in life isn’t it?