New Lamps for the Master Bedroom

I’m chugging along with our master bedroom decorating plan. Last time we chatted about the space, I showed you guys the oh-so-comfy Moroccan rug we added to the room. I’m still obsessed with it, and luckily there hasn’t been much shedding at all (which is great with a new rug!)

Pouf-ShoesWith the rug crossed off my list, it was time to move onto lighting. Lamps are important in this room, because we have absolutely no overhead lighting. Before we moved in our furniture, we painted the master bedroom walls and I remember frantically calling my mom to bring over a lamp because there were zero lights in the room, and no lights = no painting. (Lucky for us, she came to the rescue!)

So since we moved in, we’ve had 2 table lamps in here that were doing a fine job…but they weren’t winning any awards in the looks department.

IMG_97241Here’s one of the lamps atop our large dresser. I remember buying the lamps right out of college, and they had a black base. I eventually spray painted the lamps to get a brighter look in our bedroom. But wear and tear started to take its toll on the metal base, and the white paint started to flake off. Not cute.

So, I knew it was time to find something new and fabulous for our master bedroom.


I ended up finding 2 glamorous white lamps from HomeGoods. They were only $40 a piece, and I absolutely loved the shiny white base, with silver detailing.

NightstandOne sits on our dresser, the other on this nightstand. When I saw them at HomeGoods, they had 2 entirely different lamp shades. One was gray, and the other blue. But I loved the lamp base so much that I decided to bring them home, and just worry about the shades later on.

Turns out the old lamp shades fit perfectly, so now they’re matching. (Now I’m stuck with 2 random lamp shades…I just may have to come up with a creative craft for those…hmmmm)

Silver-Lamp-BaseI think they add a little glam to the room, without being too overwhelmingly feminine. At least that’s what I tell Finn. He says they look like snowmen…

White-Bedroom-LampDresser-Top-New-LampI suppose if they’re snowmen, then they’re some damn good lookin’ snowmen. I’m just happy that they’re functional and fashionable. That’s always a win-win in our playbook!

Next on the master bedroom list? No more naked bed for us….this bad boy is getting a headboard! All the deets and eye candy coming next week…