Recap: Pretty Muddy Chicago

mud run

pretty muddyOver the weekend these two rookies got DOWN & DIRTY…

img_0958_0017Yep. We told ya we got pretty dirty. Remember back in July when we told you guys about the Pretty Muddy Chicago race? Well, it happened in our hometown on Saturday morning, and boy oh boy did we have some good not-so-clean fun!

pretty muddyimg_0949_0016We can’t even lie…we had the best intentions to use this race as a major kick in the butt to start running more often. We envisioned ourselves tying up those sneakers each day for early morning runs, and thought for sure by the end of our “training” we would be ready to run a marathon. [Insert big laugh here] consisted of a couple of days where we walked/ran for a couple blocks until a “leg cramp” suddenly turned our plan of running 3 miles, into jogging for 3 minutes and calling it a day. Hate to break it to ya readers but you will most definitely will not be coming to visit the DIY Playbook for running advice or fitness motivation.

img_0931_0001img_0941_0011Despite our terrible attempts at any real training, we survived the mud run on Saturday and we lived to tell you all about our adventure.

muddyimg_0966_0025The Pretty Muddy Run was a lot more than just “pretty” muddy… it was a VERY muddy run power walk. As a group, we traveled through the 3 mile trail — completing each of the muddy obstacles throughout the course. From sliding down a big inflatable slide into an even bigger pool of mud, to crawling under & over ropes while we were knee-deep in mud, we had our fair share of adventure! I think we had more fun watching each other go through the muddy obstacles than we had going through them ourselves.shoe mud

Overall, we had a blast!! This race was the perfect excuse to get together with some of our favorite women and get active… all for a good cause! We can’t thank the Pretty Muddy team enough for putting on such a fun event, for challenging us to step outside of our comfort zone, and for reminding us that working out isn’t as miserable as we once remembered it to be.

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