The Busy Girl’s DIY Succulent Garden

We’re all busy, right? Literally, every single person I know is busy. Busy with work, busy with wedding plans, busy with kids, busy with house updates, family obligations, extra-curricular events, marathon training, holiday plans, travel, you name it – people are BUSY! But busy shouldn’t mean that you can’t have a place you come home to that you LOVE, a place that is “so you” and so perfect for escaping the BUSY-NESS! So yes, I know you are busy… but today’s DIY succulent garden is perfect for you because you’re busy. Give me 15 minutes of your precious time and you’ll have this…

The Busy Girl's Succulent Garden

… and after those 15 minutes, I PROMISE you will never have to maintain this gorgeous garden AGAIN… ever. No watering…. ever. Like never. 15 minutes and you are have a gorgeous DIY succulent garden that you can forever admire yet never maintain. Are you with me or what?!
Succulent suppliesI bet you couldn’t tell that the Busy Girl’s DIY Succulent Garden is FAKE…yep, not a real plant in sight! So let’s get right down to business here in how to make this precious piece, cause heck… you’re a busy girl!!  River RocksAll you’ll need to buy are these things:
2 bags of River Stones (I bought mine at Hobby Lobby, but any floral department in most craft stores has these)
4 -ish Fake Succulents (Hobby Lobby has an amazing selection, but try to buy them during a 50% off sale, which seems to be quite often)
Bowl that fits your style (I bought mine at HomeGoods, but you can really buy yours ANYWHERE)


Succulent PriceSo each succulent costs anywhere between .99-$4.99, but any discount helps. So I would advise you to wait for these bad boys to go on sale & get the most bang for your buck! Succulent SuppliesBowlFirst step: Clean your bowl with glass cleaner… we don’t want any finger prints on your DIY succulent garden.

Second Step: Do NOT pour the rocks directly into the glass bowl… that may crack your bowl. Rather, pick up a handful of rocks and place them carefully into your bowl. Repeat this until you have your desired amount of “river rocks”.

Succulent StemsLast Step: You’ll probably have to cut the stems down on most of your succulents in order for them to fit in the bowl. Cut the stem so that you can fit it in the bowl, but remember it doesn’t have to be perfect because the shortened stem will be hidden under the rocks.
Long StemShort StemInsert SucculentStick those shortened stemmed succulents into the river rocks and you are DONE! I would like to note that unlike some other “arrangements” you really do NOT have to have a vision or skill in making this combination look “good”. These succulents just magically look amazing regardless of how they are stuck in there.  Succulent Garden overviewSucculentstop of succulentsSucculent Close-upSo now all that’s left for you to do is plop this 15 minute project on your shelf and admire it everyday without having to actually DO anything to keep it alive. I can pretty much guarantee that your friends will have NO clue that this gorgeous garden is f-a-k-e. You’ll look like a domestic DIVA without the hassle. That’s between us though, it’ll be our little secret. The Busy Girl's Succulent Garden15 minutes… that’s all I’m asking for. From one busy girl to another, happy crafting… you can do this! bridget

  • Alysia @ Slim Sanity

    Love this idea! I want plants but not the responsibility of them. Fake it is!

    • We couldn’t agree more!! Who remembers to water those gorgeous succulents anyway? #notus

  • Katie

    This is great! I have one fake potted succulent I found at a Marshall’s but love the look of these grouped together and the rocks. Now…to find a Hobby Lobby!