Custom Koozies for Football Season

I’ve always known that my hubby-to-be loved sports. He loves playing sports, watching sports, betting on sports…if sports are involved he is all about it. But I guess I didn’t really understand his obsession with Fantasy sports until we started to live together. Being together 24/7, I quickly realized that he was in multiple fantasy leagues all of which he took very seriously. Like “second job” seriously. Any other ladies out there with a sports crazed man too?

At first I was a little irked by this devotion to his fantasy teams, and his need to watch every single game on Sunday because he “has to be there to cheer on his players.” But I also witnessed how these leagues brought him so much closer to his friends and co-workers. He still chats with old friends from Wisconsin and St. Louis because of fantasy sports. He’s bonding with people at work over their teams. He’s constantly laughing, joking, and spending time with his childhood friends specifically because they’re all in the same league. I now see the friendship and camaraderie that take place because of Fantasy Leagues and it no longer bothers me that he is so passionate about it.

To show my support for the upcoming football season, I decided to create a little something for his league (named “Orland Fantasy League”, OFL for short).
These easy custom made koozies were a huge hitThe guys always get together the Sunday of Labor Day weekend to do their big draft. They order food, drinks, and just spend the entire day together drafting. Sounds crazy to me, but they seem to love it. In order to get some major “wife points” I came up with these personalized koozies for the entire league.  They’ll be the perfect accessory to keep their beers cold all day long.
Express Imprint did a great job on these custom kooziesI ordered them from Express Imprint and I couldn’t be happier with the way they turned out. Express Imprint is a family owned printing business and they can print your personalized graphic on anything from koozies, to shot glasses, to napkins, and mugs. Unlike some other companies I looked into, Express Imprint does low quantity orders…so I didn’t have to order 1,000 koozies for Finn’s group of friends. If we had to buy these bad boys in bulk…we’d be giving them out instead of Halloween candy for the next 10 years.

I chose these collapsible koozies, and it only took me about 5 minutes to design the custom graphic. We decided to go with Chicago Bears colors, and Finn added the “Bear Down” on there. The ability to add logos and personalized graphics is really pretty awesome, and it made the entire process fun for me. I now want to design koozies for just about every occasion….weddings, birthday parties, picnics…why the heck not?

Goose Island and custom koozies, what else do you need for football Sunday?Koozie and snacks for football timeCustom koozie detailFor a girl who isn’t really into football, I think they’re pretty darn cool and I hope the guys will use them for all of their football parties this season.
Bears and koozie

Happy Finn and his new kooziesI know this guy certainly likes his cool koozies. Or maybe he’s just smiling because I’m finally admitting that I can actually tolerate his fantasy football obsession? Either way cheers to football season, and to blogging all day on Sundays without one complaint from my TV obsessed better half.


Boys-at-draft(Disclaimer: We have partnered with Express Imprint to bring you this post. However, all opinions expressed are our own and are not influenced by Express Imprint.)